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Media Training for Youths Workshop

Youths are given the opportunity to learn the basic in the media world.

Natural Beauty in the Solomons

Natural beauty comes with no cost attached for most in the Solomons.

Striving for Public Attention

To be famous does not require money for the Solomon Islanders who have their own way of gaining popularity among the crowd.

Attack on Officers at Weathercoast

The arrest of a wanted criminal leads to attack on four police officers, two locals and two RAMSI personnel, at the Weathercoast in West Guadalcanal.

Free Medical Services for Western Solomons

A medical team from Taiwan have left for the Western Province to offer free services to the people.

Solomons Launch One Laptop Per Child

A trial project for the One Laptop Per Child, O-L-P-C, initiative has been launched in three schools in the Western Province.

Ghost Caller Spooks Honiara Residents

Honiara residents are murmuring on a mysterious number dubbed the 'ghost number' with several claiming to be receiving calls from the six-digit ID.

Parliament Fitness Equipment Stands Idle

Fitness equipments in Parliament stand idle due to 'lack of space'.

Calls to Sort Continuous Black Out

People in public are calling on the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority to do something about continuous power cuts currently experienced in the capital city.

Police Probe CEO Bonus Pay

The Police have confirmed to have formally received a complaint about the payment of more than half a million dollars, as bonus paid by Our Telekom Company in an off-shore arrangement, to its outgoing CEO Martyn Robinson.

RAMSI Officers Forced to Fire Warning Shots, Officer Injured

Last night, RAMSI Participating Police Force (PPF) advisers were forced to fire two warning shots on the Weathercoast.

Possible Ban on Cigarette Roll Selling

Rumor is spreading on possible ban of selling single rolls of cigarettes throughout the country.

New Growth Chart for Babies

The World Health Organization country's liaison officer, Dr. William Adu-Krow said that the WHO Solomon Islands will work on a new growth chart for children.

Men Arrested for Assaulting Police Officers

Naha Police yesterday arrested two brothers after they allegedly assaulted two police officers Monday night at approximately 11:00pm at Kobito-2.

RAMSI Congratulates Vanuatu on Their National Day

Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands Acting Special Coordinator, Dr Jonathan Austin, congratulates the people and government of Vanuatu on the occasion of their National Day.

Agreement to Improve Power Services

An agreement for a 28-million dollar grant assistance has been signed to reform and improve the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority.

Steps Taken to Ensure National Broadcaster Remains On-Air

The Board of Directors of the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation is taking steps to ensure the national broadcaster remains on air.

Solomon Islander Dies at Pacific Arts Festival

A member of the Solomon Islands delegation to the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts in American Samoa died this morning from a cerebral malarial infection.

Picking Through Debris for Fun

Sight of children scavenging rubbish in public brings questions to minds of many on how some parents could allow such a thing to happen to their child.

Workshop Aims to Empower Youths

Youths are currently attending a workshop that aims to encourage them to address issues that affect young people.

Keeping to the Simple Broom

While the more developed societies rely on high tech machinery to do heavy errands, Solomon Islanders still rely on the simple broom made of coconut leaves.

Combining the Old and the New in Weddings

Cultural practices in collaboration with a modern wedding still exist in the western part of the Solomon Islands.

Smoking and Betel Nut Links Friendship

Smoking and betel nut chewing are two common social interactions that builds friendship for most locals.

Stop Sea Contamination, Urges Bahai Residents

Residents near the Bahai area sea side have raised concerns about people in the neighborhood disposing rubbish in the sea.

Government Launch 2009 Budget

The Ministry of Planning and Aid Coordination together with the Ministry of Public Service officially launched the 2009 budget at the King Solomon Hotel.

Parliament Meeting Adjourns Yet Again

Solomon Islands Parliament has been adjourned yet again following a brief meeting.

Solomons Ready for 2012 Arts Festival

Solomon Islands representatives at the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts in American Samoa say they have already begun preparations to host the 11th festival in 2012.

Latest Trend, the Diamond Effect

Fashion has changed a lot in Solomon Islands, especially among the young people of the country.

Green Leaf for Personal Gain

Making the first approach to win someone's heart is not an easy task for most but in the native Solomon Islands, there was once the approach of using the "green leaf".

Disaster Management Meeting in Buala

Six officers of the National Disaster Management Office, NDMO, are currently in Buala of Isabel Province on tour.

Gossip a Killer Pastime

There is no better way to kill time than to indulge in a gossip session with a group of friends.

Need to Address Littering Problem

Beautifying the capital city of Solomon Islands is a grueling job for those placed with the responsibility.

Rise in Food Prices Not Our Fault: Maga

The Acting Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Hon. Martin Maga, during the opening of the sub regional workshop on food security stated that the government should not be blamed for the soaring food prices.

SIEA Owes SBD$18 Million to Fuel Suppliers

The Solomon Islands Electricity Authority, SIEA, owes SBD$18-million dollars to its fuel suppliers.

No Participants Results in Postponement of Workshop

An important workshop was to be held at the Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association office this morning.

Renbel Province Reiterates Disaster Management Work

The premier of Renbel Province Timothy Johnston Peseika has again pledged his government's support to disaster management work in his province.

Familiarization Exercise for Police Response Team

The Police Response Team under the Solomon Islands Police Force National Response Unit had conducted a Familiarization Exercise at the Rove Ground.

Free Basic Education Government Priority

Free basic education is one priority area for the current Sikua-led government.

Japan Expands Health Service in West Kwara'e

The Areo community in West Kwara'e, Malaita province, were lucky recipients of a health clinic thanks to the kind assistance of the government of Japan.

RAMSI Celebrates 5 years of Partnership with Solomon Islands

RAMSI is today celebrating its anniversary with sausages and sack races, coconut husking and traditional feasts; after five years on the ground, the Regional Assistance Mission is taking its birthday party to the provinces of Solomon Islands.

Simple Rural Life the Best

Life in the rural is one that cannot be found anywhere else.

Medical Supplies for Solomons Hospital

The Ministry of Health received medical supplies from the World Health Organisation office in Honiara.

Second Parliament Meet Commences

The National Parliament of Solomon Islands will commence its second meeting for the year today.

Our Telekom Launches Kirakira Breeze GSM Mobile Service

Our Telekom will launch its Breeze GSM Mobile Service in the Makira provincial capital, Kirakira, on Tuesday 29th July, 2008.

Stronger Public Service Means Better Government Services

The Government says a new program to improve the public service will lead to better trained workers with the right tools to improve government services across Solomon Islands.

Back to School for Solomons Students

Students are back in schools after weeks of non-stop celebrations to commemorate Solomon Islands 30th independence anniversary.

Open Relationship Huge No for Solomons Culture

Open courting is a huge no for most cultures in Solomon Islands societies.

Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General Visits Solomons

The Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General, Ms. Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba, will be visiting Solomon Islands for the first time this week, on route to the King of Tonga's Coronation early next month.

Homeless Mother Rufuse Help

Living on the streets is one that is fast becoming common in Honiara.

Calls for Solomons to Halt Dolphin Capture

The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition is urging Solomon Islands government to consider halting Ocean Embassy/WIN from continuing their dolphin capture business in the country.

Survival Means Against High Pricing

Surviving continuous rise on cost of living throughout the Solomons is becoming daily for the locals.

Japanese Troops Return in Peace

Japanese troops may return to Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Opposition Using "Unconventional Means" to Oust Government: Fono

Solomon Islands government accused the Parliamentary Opposition of using "unconventional means to oust the government".

Hard Life in the Rural

Living in the rural is tough life for people residing in the capital city.

Kiribati Celebrate Independence in Solomons

Hundreds of Kiribati families in Solomon Islands gathered to witness celebrations to mark the 29th Independence Anniversary of Kiribati.

Police Arrest Shocking Murderer

Police have charged a man responsible for horrifically murdering four people and attempting to murder 15 others in a roadside ambush that occurred at Dereni in east Guadalcanal in September 2002.

Increase on SINPF Members' Contribution

The Solomon Islands National Provident Fund will set an increase on members' contribution.

Lake Tengano Residents Say Lake Level Increasing

Residents of World Heritage site, Lake Tengano in East Rennell say the level of the lake is rising and is threatening their taro garden lands.

Delay In Appointment of Central Bank Governor

The government is being blamed for the delay in appointing the next Governor of Central Bank.

New Training Centre Receives High Support

A new training centre launched today receives strong support from various organisations and government departments in Honiara.

New Training Center for Youths

A new training center was officially launched this morning at the Mendana Hotel.

Need for Nurses to be Professional

Sick patients are complaining that nurses are not being professionals in their field.

Police Find Another Female on Foreign Fishing Vessel

The joint law enforcement initiative to stop criminal activity associated with foreign fishing vessels known as Operation Clean Harbour continued today.

Five Diseases in One Shot

Solomon Islands government will officially launch a Pentavalent Vaccine next month.

Bad Habit of Overloading Trailers

Overloading of vehicle trailers is a noticeable bad habit in the Solomons.

Solomons Police Appreciates RAMSI PPF Assistance

The Police Association has expressed heart felt appreciation to RAMSI's Participating Police Force (PPF) and the Ministry of Health for assisting a local senior executive officer and his wife travel to Sydney to undergo medical treatment.

Our Telekom Supports Solo Idol

Our Telekom donated a prepaid mobile phone in support of the Solo Idol programme.

Opposition Motion of No Confidence Notice

Parliament yesterday gave notice of the Motion of No Confidence it received from the Parliamentary Opposition group.

Leadership Development for Police Force

The Solomon Islands Police Force is currently working on the development of leadership within the police force.

Bird Flu Awareness for Local Farmers

The Livestock Division under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will be doing awareness programs on bird flu for local farmers.

Local Businesses Complain of Foreign Invasion

Business development is a struggle for most locals in Solomon Islands who complain of foreign business people "invading our space".

Solomon Islands to Receive Royal Visit

Solomon Islands looks forward to hosting a royal visit of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester next month.

SIEA Takes Cost Cutting Measures

The Board of Solomon Islands Electricity Authority has taken drastic cost cutting measures to address the rising cost of operation due to the rise in fuel.

Wellington Policeman Reaches Out to Solomons Children

Christmas comes early for the children of Solomon Islands thanks to a Wellington policeman.

Women Victims of Weekend Hassles

People welcome weekends with open arms but such is not the case for some women who fear hassles from drunkards.

Agricultural Workshop in Honiara

A three days international food workshop will take place in Honiara.

Police Fine Russian National

A Russian national investigated in the Solomons for illegally possessing three yellow lorikeets was fined SBD2,000.

Young Fool, Public Joke

It can be a good time out or a moment of being an utter fool in public when consumption of alcohol goes overboard.

Tampering Police Investigation

Tampering police investigation is often done with complete innocence by the general public in the Solomon Islands.

Homeless Mother and Daughter

Homeless people on the streets of Honiara are often cased by domestic violence.

No Proper Coverage of Show

Local media did not do thorough coverage on the Trade and Agricultural Show, according to the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Alfred Maesulia.

Solomons Meet for Forum Ministerial Standing Committee

The Forum Ministerial Standing Committee F-M-S-C on the Regional Assistance Mission in Solomon Islands (RAMSI) will hold its second meeting in Honiara.

USP Refuses Registration of Solomons Students

The University of the South Pacific refuses to register Solomon Islands students over government debt.

Australia Foreign Affairs Minister to Visit Solomons

Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. Stephen Smith MP will arrive in Solomon Islands today.

E-C-M Meet for Effective Consultation

The Enhanced Consultative Mechanism, E-C-M process is important for the effective consultation between the Solomon Islands Government, RAMSI and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.

Breathing in the Dust

Breathing the dust is how most describe walking through the streets of Honiara during a dry spell of no rain.

Overhead Bridge Stands Idle

Standing tall but of no use is the overhead bridge next to the National Referral Hospital in Honiara.

High Use of Mobile Phones in Honiara

Use of mobile phone is becoming common sight around Honiara since its introduction some eight years ago.

Police Charge Two Females for Kwaso

Two females aged in their 30s were arrested and charged by police officers from the Liquor Licensing Squad after raids at Banana Valley in White River.

Going Against Orders to Make Ends Meet

Women selling bags for a living are going against orders to make ends meet.

Governor General's Final Visit to Buckingham Palace

The Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena is in London where he is expected to call on the Queen.

Second Parliament Meet in Honiara

Solomon Islands Parliament will meet next week.

Judges Share Information and Gain Insight on Juvenile Justice

Judges and Magistrates from across Solomon Islands came together at Save the Children yesterday to revisit the special considerations and processes involved in dealing with young people in the formal justice system.

Unreported HIV/AIDS Cases High in Solomons

Statistics have shown that Solomon Islands have had an increase in cases of HIV infection.

SSEC Mourn Death of Church Head

The head of the South Seas Evangelical Church, Reverend Bishop Festus Suruma died early Saturday morning in Honiara.

Canberra Work Attachment for Solomons Police Officers

A new program will see local police officers work with Australian Federal Police, A-F-P, in Canberra.

Youths Help to Beautify Honiara

A group of young people are taking the initiative to do general clean up around Honiara city.

Show Unites Solomon Islanders

The two-week trade, agriculture and cultural show "truly united Solomon Islands".

Show-Related Outbreak in Honiara

Sick patients are flocking the National Referral Hospital outpatient in large numbers.

Celebrations Depict Cooperation and Unity: PM Sikua

The National Trade and Agricultural Show is a fine example of cooperation and unity in purpose to achieving an objective.

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