Use of mobile phone is becoming common sight around Honiara since its introduction some eight years ago.

It was noted that mobile phone owners now range right down to youths.

"When mobile was first introduced in Honiara sometime in 2000, it was rare and only working class people walked around with the new gadget," George Kai observed.

He recalled that sound of a mobile phone ringing catches the attention of the public because it was so new for everyone.

"For most in town, a person seen using their mobile phone in public would receive teases from everyone," Mr. Kai said.

But such is not the case these days as most Honiara residents walk around with mobiles in hand.

It was noted that telephone booths around town that were once commonly used some ten years ago stand empty as most prefer the use of mobile phones.

"I like to use my handy phone as I call it because there is more privacy and you can tuck yourself away in any corner," Mr. Kai joked.

Although new in the use of mobiles, it's noted that people of the Solomons are fast in owning "updated phones" bought from overseas.