The Livestock Division under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will be doing awareness programs on bird flu for local farmers.

The Division launched its 'Avian Flu Campaign' at the recent National Trade and Agricultural Show in Honiara to promote its bird flu awareness program.

Speaking with the Under Secretary of the Ministry, Alfred Maesulia said that launching of the Avian Flu Campaign is mainly for people with poultry.

"We wanted to launch the Avian Flu Campaign because the bird flu disease has taken over the Asian countries by storm," Mr. Maesulia said.

He said that although the Solomons are yet to have bird flu experience, "it is important that farmers are aware of the disease".

A strategy would be given out to farmers as well so that they have good knowledge of the disease first hand, he added.

Mr. Maesulia revealed that in the event that the disease reaches Solomon Islands, "there would be a huge number of slaughtering and it will cut down the production for local farmers".

"It is therefore important that local farmers understand beforehand the disease, its effect and what it will do to their bird," he said.

Mr. Maesulia told Solomon Times that the Livestock Division is now working on public awareness programs for local farmers.