Residents near the Bahai area sea side have raised concerns about people in the neighborhood disposing rubbish in the sea.

One concerned resident told Solomon Times that disposing of rubbish in the sea area is starting to become a habit for most of the residents living near the sea shore.

The concerned person said the matter needs to be known now that some people are starting to use the sea as a place for disposing their waste matter.

This is not healthy for us residing near the sea, the person told Solomon Times.

"Sometimes I tried telling my boys to go and chase people in attempts not to dispose rubbish in the sea as it is private property and people should know that there are people living there," said the disappointed person.

Solomon Times understands that residents in the Bahai area have only the sea to dispose of their accumulating rubbish never collected by the responsible authorities.

"In the past, the Honiara City Council would provide trucks to collect rubbish around suburbs but it is no longer the case," the concerned resident said.

The person stated that there are other options other than throwing rubbish in the sea.

"Disposing of rubbish in the sea not only contaminates the water but it kills species in the sea," the concerned resident said.