People in public are calling on the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority to do something about continuous power cuts currently experienced in the capital city.

Businesses around Honiara and residents alike are complaining that they are losing money because of power cuts.

"This is so unfair on people like us who are up to date with our electricity bills and victimized by the power cuts," Rita Kalo said.

Earlier, the SIEA had announced wide power cut actions to those with outstanding bills, including government houses.

"If that is the case, power cuts should not affect ones who pay their bills on time," Ms. Kalo complained.

Many approached in public echo similar complaints stating that the SIEA should do a proper job instead of victimizing everyone.

SIEA announced earlier that power cuts will be experienced for the next few days, which has stirred reaction among the public.

"We have had to throw away refrigerated food gone bad because of the power cuts, sick people in hospital depending on machinery connected to power have been victimized are just among the many reasons why public cannot tolerate this anymore," Ms. Kalo said.

She said that power cut has, in turn affected the flow of water supply around the city "so it only gets worse for everyone."

People in the public are calling on SIEA to only deal with those who have not settled their bills instead of giving a complete black out to the whole city.