The National Parliament of Solomon Islands will commence its second meeting for the year today.

The main item of business for the first sitting day on Thursday 24 July 2008 will be the tabling of the Facilitation of International Assistance Notice 2003 and the subsequent motion by the Hon. Prime Minister to refer the Facilitation of International Assistance Notice to the Foreign Relations Committee for inquiry, review and report.

The Government has also indicated that it proposes to bring a total of seven bills to Parliament for enactment in the upcoming sitting. However, Parliament has yet to formally receive any of the proposed bills.

It is anticipated that amongst the proposed bills is the Secured Transactions Bill, the Correctional Services (Amendment) Bill and the Telecommunication (Amendment) Bill.

The motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister has been withdrawn by the mover on Wednesday 23 July 2008.

The Prime Minister will at the end of the week announce the statement of government business for the week ending 25 July 2008.