The National Trade and Agricultural Show is a fine example of cooperation and unity in purpose to achieving an objective.

Speaking at the closure of the show last Friday, Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua said that the past two weeks had "portrayed a fine example of tolerance and acceptance for one another as one people, one nation".

Many had traveled from the provinces to be part of the celebrations in the capital Honiara.

"I am sure you have taken the liberty to learn ... on this wonderful occasion," Prime Minister Dr. Sikua said.

He highlighted that of particular significance, the trade show had exemplified the display of Solomon Islands' unique culture and traditions.

The Prime Minister described the 2008 National Trade and Agriculture Show as a prime example of what Solomon Islanders can achieve "if we work together, respect each other more and share in the joy of being one people, one nation".

Dr. Sikua said that the show brought together all different cultures, languages and traditions to share and strive for a common purpose.

"As one people, one nation, it is paramount that we take this moment and cherish it and share together a vision for a prosperous and a bright future," the Prime Minister said.