Living on the streets is one that is fast becoming common in Honiara.

This has led to a rise in number on street beggars in the country's capital city, which is not welcomed by the majority.

Popular duo that has hit headlines in the local media is Diane and her 2 years old daughter.

Solomon Times earlier wrote an account on how Diane and her child came to be on the street, stirring public debate and outcry.

In a follow up, it was revealed that Diane had actually turned down help from the Christian Care Centre.

Speaking with the Coordinator of the Family Support Center, Lorio Siolo explained that their office deals with people who suffer domestic violence and have problems with their families.

Ms. Siolo said that they took Diane and her child from the market after being made aware of their situation through the media.

"We took Diane and her child to the Christian Care Centre because she did not have any financial support," she said.

Ms. Siolo told Solomon Times that the woman had a few counseling and they had told her to go back to her village.

"We wanted to send her back to her home village to make it easier on her, but she refused to go back home."

Asked how many times help was rendered to Diane and her child, Ms. Siolo said that they had taken the woman and child to the centre two times, "but she did not want to live there."

"Social Welfare took them back to the Christian Centre because of the child and they were told by the woman she had relatives at Skyline Ridge," she added.

Ms. Siolo said that they dropped her off at the said destination "and the next thing we knew, she's back on the streets again with her child."

She said that they had tried their best to help the homeless mother and daughter, "but the mother is the one refusing the entire offer."

"We even looked at ways in which she could earn some income in a very easy way, to at least work for any of us and earn money but she would not accept any of the help we offer."

Ms. Siolo said that the only thing that the homeless duo survive is selling bottles, "that is the only way she is earning money to buy food for her child".