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Impact on Reform Taxation Change Immense: SICCI

Inland Revenue Department's (IRD) intentions to reform the taxation on non cash benefits show the impact of the proposed changes would be immense.

Govt Selects PNG Firm to Design Chancery Office

The Government through has selected a Papua New Guinea Architecture Firm to work on the design of the new Solomon Islands High Commission Chancery Office Building Complex in Port Moresby.

Kukum Traffic Call on Citizens to Be Responsible

The increasing number of traffic accidents should not be the responsibility of the authority.

Police Rescue Passengers of Sunken Boat

The Solomon Islands Police Force and the Participating Police Force has helped rescue six people from a sunken boat that was stranded on an island near Gizo in Western Province.

MOU Signed Between Solomons Govt and UQ

The University of Queensland has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Solomon Islands Government.

QuestNet in the Solomons

The QuestNet Company was launched at the Honiara Hotel, the first time for the company to operate in Solomon Islands.

Police Remembrance Day in Solomons

The Police Remembrance Day was held this morning at the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) Memorial Park at Rove.

Survey to Measure RAMSI's Performance

The People's Survey 2007 is an essential tool which RAMSI and the Solomon Islands Government can use to measure the performance of RAMSI against its objectives.

People's Survey Open and Transparent: Schaefer

The launch of the "People's Survey 2007" paves a way for RAMSI, the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI contributing countries to measure how RAMSI is performing against its objectives.

Minister Oti Issues AOSISA Statement at the UN

Solomon Islands Foreign Minister, Patteson Oti, issues the Alliance of Small Islands Developing States (AOSIS) Press Statement at the United Nations.

Scuffle Results in Stabbing Incident

A man is in hospital following a stabbing incident at Burn's Creek area.

Traffic Officers Investigate Fatal Accident

Kukum Traffic officers are investigating an accident that resulted in the death of a man believed to be in his thirties.

Police Investigate Death at Central Guadalcanal

Henderson Police are investigating circumstances surrounding the death of 10 year old boy from Kaimomosa village in the Tenaru area, Malango District, Central Guadalcanal.

Solomon Islanders Want RAMSI to Stay: Survey

An independent nationwide survey of Solomon Islanders' opinions has revealed strong support for RAMSI's continued presence in the country.

White River Clinic Celebrate "Baby Star of The Year"

The White River Clinic celebrated their "Baby Star of the Year" early this morning at the premises.

Vahoe Speaks on Climate Change

Climate change and its consequent sea-level rise are having serious and irreparable damage to our ecosystem, food production and the livelihood of our communities that are most vulnerable.

Police Make More Arrests for Illegal Liquor Activity

Honiara Police are investigating an incident in which two suspects were found consuming liquor at Central Markets on Saturday night 22 September 2007.

Police Club Officially Opens

The police club officially opens with a 'face-lift' following renovations.

Good Results for Police Sexual Assault Unit

Investigation into a number of sexual offences have resulted in the arrest and charging of six men for offences that include indecent assault, incest and rape.

Guadalcanal Landowners Put Notice to Halt Development

Public notices will go up to halt all development plans between the areas of Lungga River to Foxwood.

Lilo Orders Investigation into SP Games Fund

The Minister of Finance, Gordon Darcy Lilo, has ordered an investigation into how funds allocated for the recent South Pacific Games in Samoa was spent.

Police Officers Involved in Accident

A nasty accident involving two vehicles took place last night along Mendana Avenue in Point Cruz.

Police Investigate Illegal Harvesting Activities

Police based at Tetere and Henderson are investigating people reportedly harvesting coconuts and cocoa illegally in the areas and acting as caretakers.

Police Charge Man over Twin Tower Incident

The police media reports that a man in his late twenties was charged with murder.

Preferential Market Access Not Enough, says Oti

Foreign Affairs Minister, Patteson Oti, told the Asian Development Bank-sponsored conference yesterday that preferential market treatment does not significantly address the trade imbalance.

Proposed Reconciliation Talks Postponed

The first consultative meeting between the Guadalcanal and Malaita leaders ahead of the major provincial reconciliation between the two provinces will be deferred to October.

Sisters Unite for Women's Week

The women of RAMSI joined their Solomon Island sisters today to celebrate National Women's Week.

Premiers Request Increase on Service Grants

In the latest Premiers' conference, eight provincial premiers and the Honiara City mayor have agreed that the government should increase service grants.

Incoming PPF Officers in Aus. Learn SI Culture

Three Solomon Islands police officers are heading to Australia to help train new members of RAMSI's Participating Police Force (PPF).

Kengava Looks Forward to Task Ahead

The newly appointed Minister for Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs, Clement Kengava, has vowed to achieve the goals of the newly created ministry.

Kengava Sworn in as New Minister

The new minister for the Ministry of Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs was sworn in this afternoon by the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena.

Gov't Donates Boats and Vehicles to Renbel

The National Government on Friday donated vehicles and boats to Rennell and Bellona province after the first-ever annual premiers' conference in East Rennell.

Waipora Happy with Premiers Conference

Japhet Waipora has praised the country's top provincial leaders, including the Honiara City Mayor, for their determination to improve government service to provinces.

Women's Week to Fight against Poverty

The official opening of the Women's Week was held at the town ground field this morning.

Solomon Islander Wins Commonwealth Scholarship

A Solomon Islander has been awarded with the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (CFTC) Programme.

State Funeral for Late Sir David Kausimae

The Late Sir David Kausimae has been accorded a state funeral today in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the country.

Malaita Premier says Sorry for Events of 2000

In his address during the Premiers Conference, Malaita Premier, Richard Na'amo Irosaea, apologized to the nation for the actions of Malaitans involved in the events of year 2000.

Western Province Reiterates Desire for Federalism

Western Province Premier, Alex Lokopio, on Friday reiterated his government's determination to adopt the proposed federal state government system.

RAMSI Congratulates PNG on their National Day

Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands Special Coordinator, Tim George, today congratulated Papua New Guinea on the occasion of its Independence Day.

RAMSI Disappointed, Lost Opportunity at Premiers' Meet

RAMSI Special Coordinator, Tim George, recently expressed disappointment that RAMSI's presentations to this week's Premiers Conference could not go ahead as planned.

Huniehu Criticizes Government Housing Estate

The planned housing estate for the Prime Minister and his cabinet has been criticized by the Opposition Spokesman for Finance and Treasury, Edward Huniehu.

Police Maritime Wharf Re-Constructed

The recently renovated SIPF Maritime Unit wharf was handed over to the Solomon Islands Government.

Forest Harvest Rates, Three Times Sustainable Level

The Solomon Islands is currently on the verge of a possible economic crisis given the fact that the country's forest stock is harvested at three times the sustainable level.

World Bank Approve US$3.2 Million for Rural Development

The World Bank Board approved a US$3.2 million grant to strengthen the rural economy of the Solomon Islands and thus increasing access for rural communities for infrastructure and services.

Disaster Management Training in Solomons

Training is currently underway for provincial officers in disaster management.

Ex-Student Assaults Former School Principal

An 18 year old male from Burns Creek was charged by Police after he assaulted his former deputy principal.

Dealing with Deadly Asbestos

Ten people trained in handling asbestos are in Gizo this week to remove the deadly substance from government houses destroyed by the earthquake.

Taiwan Donates Millions for Cattle Industry

The government of the Republic of China (ROC) or Taiwan today released more than SBD$7 million to the government of Solomon Islands to rehabilitate the country's cattle industry.

Minister Commends Peace Summit

The Minister for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace, Sam Iduri, commended leaders and the people of Malaita for pursuing an inter-provincial reconciliation with Guadalcanal province.

Rennell Bellona Ready to Host Premiers Conference

Rennell and Bellona Province will, beginning this week, play host to the premiers conference.

Lilo Speaks on Govt. Reform

Minister of Finance, Gordon Lilo, told a visiting Trade Mission team from Taiwan that the government is serious in its effort to reform the legal and regulatory structure in the country.

Reform Will Bring Positive Change: Lilo

Minister of Finance and Treasury, Gordon Darcy Lilo, says the government's current reform agenda has improved the country's economic situation after years of stagnant growth.

New Investment Act Catalyst for Growth, says PM

Manasseh Sogavare announced to a visiting Taiwanese Trade and Investment Mission that the new Foreign Investment Act will speed application process for foreign investors.

Capital Investment Needed to Boost Economy: PM

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said that the economic viability of Solomon Islands lies in its ability to attract more investment capital into the rural economic sector.

Solomon Islands Tops Health Care in Pacific

Solomon Islands is currently topping health care systems in the pacific region, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Central Bank Cautions Govt. on Minimum Wage Rise

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands has joined in on the debate on minimum wage after government made its intentions known that it would seriously consider increasing the minimum wage.

SIVB Targets Online Marketing

The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) is intending to boost its marketing and promotions to the outside world through the internet.

PM Office Undergoes Changes in Senior Management Posts

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has some major changes to its senior management positions.

Sogavare Blames RAMSI for Uncollected Arms

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister has replied to statements made by the Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands over the issue of uncollected arms.

International Body Speaks Against Dolphin Export

The intention by the government to lift the ban on the export of live dolphins has brought about concern from IUCN, a technical body within CITES.

Workshops to Build a Better Police Force

Solomon Islands officers and their RAMSI counterparts are learning how they can better work together in their efforts to rebuild the nation.

History Made Right, US Honours Eroni 26 Years Later

As most Solomon Islanders can recount, one of the great Presidents of the United States, John F. Kennedy, once graced our shores, not as a Statesman but as a soldier during World War Two.

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