To be famous does not require money for the Solomon Islanders who have their own way of gaining popularity among the crowd.

Popularity for the locals does not only go for the musicians or sports icons but just about anybody who has the knack of attracting public attention.

This could be from wacky sense of humour to just being the odd one out on the streets.

A man in the public, Moses Woto, cited local favorite, Nate Hatsoa, as a classic example of a person who did not necessarily need a big load of money to make himself known.

Nate Hatsoa is known not just in the capital but also around the provinces.

"This is someone who has built himself to be well-known with maybe a likeable reputation in town, known for his outrageous fashion sense and his wacky sense of humour," he said.

Nate's growing popularity has landed himself TV commercials and currently hosting Friday Breakfast Show in leading Paoa FM station.

In the course of interviewing the public, Solomon Times caught up with a young man in his 20s who stood out in public with his huge pink coloured hat.

Obviously an odd colour for a guy, this attracted double takes as some smirked while others gave him queer looks.

"He just wants to attract attention so people would start talking about him," Mr. Woto commented.

Mr. Woto said that this is common among the young crowd who strive at anything to make themselves noticed in public.