A new training center was officially launched this morning at the Mendana Hotel.

The Bokolo Training Centre was in cooperation with government department leaders, aid donors, diplomatic corps, churches, educational institutions and NGOs.

Speaking at the official launch, one organising member of the program, Francis Kairi said that the BTC will pave new ways of looking at the country while the economy was still in a 'sluggish mood'.

Mr. Kairi said that the program is in cooperation with the 50 members of Parliament and has received some funds from religious groups put towards it.

"Through the trainings, we will also share gospel to the poor," said Mr. Kairi.

He revealed that non-government organizations have strongly supported the program in aims to "move our young people across the sections of economy".

Mr. Kairi said that the BTC wants to enable young people to be allowed to have loans from the banks.

He said that by enabling such opportunities, young people would be able to help themselves to meet their own school fees or whatever they have in mind for themselves for a living.

Mr. Kairi said that the trainings will not just be for the ones who have resources but also for people who have the brain power.

"The BTC will give students the opportunity to attach to government departments to gain experience in whatever various functions that are offered," said Mr. Kairi.