Fashion has changed a lot in Solomon Islands, especially among the young people of the country.

Many young boys are now setting the trend of wearing diamond earrings on their left ear.

A young man, Sean Bria who is following the trend said that the influence most probably comes from watching movies.

"We young people like to copy what we see in movies, and wearing diamond earrings on our left ear is the new fashion for us," he said.

Mr. Bria said that as a ten year old, he wore earrings on both ears but as the new trend comes into fashion, "I opt for just the left ear for the diamond effect".

He joked that the trend is also another way of young men attracting "the beautiful girls".

"As for myself, I just feel comfortable with the new fashion," he said with a laugh.

But he added that wearing the left-only earring trend is only for parties or functions.

"I don't wear my diamond earring when I go to work coz it looks disrespectful," Mr. Bria said.

He explained that it's okay for parties but "sometimes I think it makes a young man look like a gangster and people won't respect me".

Mr. Bria that if there is anything that the young people of the Solomons are good at, it is keeping up with the growing fashion trends from movies and magazines.