The two-week trade, agriculture and cultural show "truly united Solomon Islands".

Launched on 1st of July, the show staged various companies, government ministries, NGOs and church group exhibits, traditional performances and various other activities.

A young man in the crowd, Henry Ipao said that the show was the biggest ever staged in the Solomons.

"It is the first time in my life to see all the nine provinces of our country come to one place and it was such a beautiful sight," Mr. Ipao said.

He said that coming from south Malaita, "I know very little about the many different cultures in Solomon Islands and the show has been very educational for a lot of us".

Mr. Ipao said that such activities of bringing together the nine provinces should be daily "to bridge the gap".

Most Solomon Islanders have expressed similar sentiments on the need to make events like the two weeks show a daily activity.