Through the training with the Market for Change project, Ms. Andicar has expanded her network and knowledge, and continues to support rural women in her community to participate in further training that will boost their confidence and business.

A Driving Force for Change in Vanuatu’s Rural Community

In the quiet village of Vunaspef on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, Elvina Andicar is making a significant impact to the lives of women in her local communities.
“We’re more comfortable dealing with traditional friends, that we have similar systems of government, that our democracies are the same brand of democracy, coming out of the Westminster system,” Rabuka told reporters.

Rabuka Says He is More Comfortable Dealing with Traditional Friends

Fiji’s prime minister said Wednesday on a visit to Australia’s capital that his government was “more comfortable dealing with traditional friends” such as Australia as China pursues closer security ties in the Asia-Pacific region.
The High Level dialogue was a strategic moment of pause to track progress, pinpoint priorities and ensure that the region is sailing together in the right direction regarding Pacific resilience efforts.

High Level Dialogue Discuss Progress on Pacific Resilience

A High-Level Panel held this week to review progress on the Pacific resilience journey, called for collective action and timely resources to safeguard the region against climate change and disaster risks.
Ahead of the 4th Annual Meeting of the RWG set to take place, the various subcommittees of the RWG - the Counselling Subcommittee, Advisory Subcommittee, and Data Collection, Monitoring and Evaluation Subcommittee are also meeting.

Regional Meeting on Family Protection and Domestic Violence Legislation Convenes

Heads of Pacific Government Ministries and Departments with a mandate to co-ordinate the implementation of family protection/domestic violence legislation are in Honiara, Solomon Islands this week.
Fiji Airways has also improved its global ranking in the top 100 airlines, jumping from 36th in 2022 to 15th in 2023 to finish ahead of Qantas and Air New Zealand.

Fiji Airways Gets Global Recognition

Fiji Airways, Fiji's National Carrier has been recognized as the Skytrax Best Airline in Australia & the Pacific at the prestigious 2023 World Airline Awards, held at the Paris Air Show this week.

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