There is no better way to kill time than to indulge in a gossip session with a group of friends.

Such is the case in the Solomons as it is in most other societies around the globe.

This is especially common among females as Solomon Times discovered in a random public interview.

A young man, Peter Fikiasi, said gossip is "what keeps a lot of young Solomon girls busy when there is nothing else to do".

"I see it as a waste of time and these are people, especially girls, who just live on gossiping about others," Mr. Fikiasi said.

He said that sometimes it is gossiping that leads these female into trouble.

"They have the habit of just talking without first thinking of the consequences of being caught," Mr. Fikiasi said.

He informed Solomon Times that a close friend went through a painful marriage breakup because of gossip circulating over no basis.

The young man said that people should just cut the habit, "because some women make gossip as a habit".

"As we all know, gossiping can lead to serious damage but some people either do not realise or are hooked on the bad habit."

Mr. Fikiasi reminded people who love to gossip that there are better things to talk about that are more constructive and worth talking about.