Solomon Islands Parliament has been adjourned yet again following a brief meeting.

This follows what is understood to have been typing errors in two government bills for tabling in the current Parliament session.

The bills were sent back to the printers for correction.

Parliament meeting will resume again on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Manasseh Sogavare described the adjournment as "pathetic and bad show for the so-called action-oriented C-NURA Government".

In a statement, Mr. Sogavare said that Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua's adjournment of Parliament second time in a row yesterday was a concern.

He said that the Parliament had resumed after being adjourned last Thursday only to be adjourned again yesterday until Wednesday.

Mr. Sogavare said that following the first adjournment, "... the Opposition Group was expecting Parliament to go into serious business this week."

The Opposition Leader said the adjournments were "a slap in the face" adding "it is a lousy excuse to blame the adjournment on typing errors."

Mr. Sogavare said such actions raised the question as to whether the CNURA Government is serious about managing the welfare of this nation.

"It is the responsibility of Ministers to ensure bills under their respective ministerial portfolios are ready in time for presentation in Parliament and this really boils down to the coordinating ability of the Prime Minister," the Parliamentary Opposition stated in his statement.

Mr. Sogavare said that prolonging the meeting is also costly for the government to keep ordinary MPs in Honiara for Parliament sessions.

Any ruling government must make good use of the time the House is in session, the Parliamentary Opposition said.