Letters to the Editor

Bad weather for games

Hello. Are there any plans to make sure we are ready in case the weather is like this during the games? Can we engage the youths so that they can clean the drains so that water can move freely. I think...

End times?

“This is a once in a generation war, and if you look at the scriptures this was predicted thousands of years ago. This war will usher in the end times, and very soon the antichrist will show himself, all...

Stand with Israel


Is the government going to issue a statement on the terror attack on the State of Israel? A terror attack should be condemned everywhere. Or are we only interested in people that build stadiums?

Toilet deal

Hi, No matter how we look at it this deal is involve people high up and cuts for everyone. It is a toilet deal, very clear, because it smells of corruption. Can we please get police to investigate or...

Justice Delay is Not Justice at All: Police Slowness to Respond in Rural Communities in South Malaita.

Dear Editor, Subject: Justice Delay is Not Justice at All: Police Slowness to Respond in Rural Communities in South Malaita. Sir, please allow me to voice my opinion with regards to the above subject....

Ensuring Access to Justice for All

Dear Editor, I write to bring attention to a pressing concern that impacts the core of our society's values: access to justice. In a just and equitable society, every individual should have the ability...

Sea level rise threatens coastal communities in Solomon Islands

Dear Editor Our islands are fighting a natural fight which only, we the people of Solomon Islands can help winning the fight and it is against sea level raise. I urge the Ministry of Environment, Climate...

Stop Cyberbullying

Dear Editor, allow me space to comment on the topic above. As a scholar let me share my view on the impacts of cyberbullying affecting youths in Solomon Island. Cyberbullying has become a major issue concerning...

Chinese influence in SI

Dear Editor I wish to comment on the excellent Letter from Phillip Lengi. I wish to congratulate Phillip on having the confidence to tell the world what is really happening in the SI To have Chinese police...

What does it mean to be truly free?

To the Solomon Times What does it mean to be truly free? And when do we admit when we are getting lost? How do we know that we are independent and making our own decisions? It is our trust in elected...

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