Standing tall but of no use is the overhead bridge next to the National Referral Hospital in Honiara.

Despite many calls for pedestrians to use the overhead bridge, people are still more comfortable waiting for the road to clear up before crossing.

There have been incidents of pedestrians almost getting ran over by moving vehicles "but people still avoid using the overhead bridge that has been standing idle for several years".

A mother of three, Priscilla Mae observed that most are just too lazy to walk up the steps.

"It is quite a climb for most so instead of thinking safety first, they just take the risk of running across the lanes," Mrs. Mae said.

Another person on the street, AK Kalita agreed that there needs to be a change in attitude "because the young children are doing what grown ups do and if they are running across the road then that is exactly what the young ones do".

Mr. Kalita said that as one behind the wheels, pedestrians lining the pavements along the road sides to cross over the other side can be very distracting.