Women selling bags for a living are going against orders to make ends meet.

Authorities have earlier requested for the evacuation of a group of women selling bags at the art gallery.

Solomon Times understand the call to clear the area was to give space for renovations in the cultural village.

However, the group of women moved their belongings back in the area "because the authorities have not met our needs".

A representative of the women's group, Nosie Duri said that there is no sign of renovations taking place "so we decided to move back in here".

Mrs. Duri said the authorities caused "such nuisance making us to shift out and then nothing takes place".

She said that what they are doing is their means to make ends meet.

"This is how we make money for our survival so the responsible authorities should respect that," Mrs. Duri said.

She added that they feel safe being in the art gallery compound than marketing outside.