Rumor is spreading on possible ban of selling single rolls of cigarettes throughout the country.

The idea was said to be from the Ministry of Health to fight against growing stall sellers that are selling cigarettes to under-aged smokers.

While many in public have reacted strongly to the circulating rumors, others are welcoming it as positive works to help minimize young smokers.

Speaking with a young man, Scott Tila said that the move is good to help reduce the increasing rate in under-aged smokers in the Solomons.

He said that the number of under-aged smoking is becoming high, "so the ban is a very good move to curb the problem".

The move will give smokers no choice but to pay for a pack which costs $20 (SBD) instead of the cheaper $1 per roll.

"This will give young under-aged smokers a hard time because I don't think they would be able to afford a pack every few days," Mr. Tila said.

He however added that while the ban targets under-aged smokers, "non-working smokers will feel the impact as well".

As a smoker himself, the young man said ban on sell of single cigarette rolls will be hard on him.

"Smokers would find it very hard to cope because most of us won't be able to afford a packet," he told Solomon Times.

He said that if the idea was targeted towards young people or students, the responsible authorities should just impose heavy penalties on under-aged smokers instead of banning the sell of single cigarette rolls.