Local media did not do thorough coverage on the Trade and Agricultural Show, according to the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Alfred Maesulia.

"It is very discouraging reading through media reports on the show and see nothing on the actual emphasis which is agriculture," Mr. Maetia told Solomon Times.

He said that focus for this year's show was the agricultural sector "but the media did poor coverage and missed the point of the whole show".

Mr. Maetia said that the agricultural village showcased the avian flu campaign and launched the national rice development "but there was lack of coverage done by the local media".

"The show was named the Trade and Agricultural Show 2008 and the main attraction should have been the agricultural village and there should have been more coverage made by our local media group but no," Mr. Maesulia added.

The Agricultural Under Secretary stressed that agriculture plays a big role towards the development of the country.