An important workshop was to be held at the Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association office this morning.

Speaking with the Assistant Community Health Educator, Oscar Watesao said that the workshop had to be postponed because the participants did not turn up this morning.

Mr. Watesao said that he was not very happy with how things turned out as "this is a very important training and it is also part of awareness for the people".

He told Solomon Times that he had participants from youth leaders from all the main churches in town.

Mr. Watesao said that the program was about Sexual and Reproductive Health and also to talk about other issues that may affect the young people of Solomon Islands.

He said that now, many issues have come up in to the country and one best way to reduce such bad issues "is to hold workshops, so that participants would go out and give the message out to the people."

"That is why I am not happy with the participants for not turning up this morning because by doing that, they were also not cooperating with me to help the country."

However, he said that his aim for the workshop is to empower youth leaders on correct and accurate information and knowledge on issues affecting the lives of the young people.

The participants are to be equipped and increased in the knowledge before going out to the people to give talks and awareness.

Mr. Watesao said that the whole idea is to keep the country from the STI's and other unwanted issues that may occur anytime.

Regarding the turn out this morning, the workshop has been postponed to be held next week, on Monday and Tuesday.

"And I want all my participants to cooperate together and they must turn up on the said dates, because it will not only help the immediate friends, but the nation as a whole."