Tampering police investigation is often done with complete innocence by the general public in the Solomon Islands.

Be it vehicle accidents or public brawl, people are always in the way as police work their way around to investigate the matter.

"There are always curious people flooding into crime scenes who do not realize how much they are disturbing the whole investigation process," Zeti Ratu said.

Mr. Ratu observed that even with the police cordon sealing the crime scene, "people would just go around the tapes to take a closer look". Police effort to keep the public at bay from the crime scene area does not seem to work for the locals.

"They just want to fulfill their curiosity without realizing how much they are tampering with all the information needed to carry the investigation forward," he added.

Mr. Ratu suggested that police be more tough on public interruption at crime scenes. "To help they should also have awareness programmes, either on the radio or on TV, to educate people," said Ratu.