Sick patients are complaining that nurses are not being professionals in their field.

As patients continue to flood the National Referral Hospital and clinics around Honiara following a flu outbreak, nurses particularly in smaller clinics are said to be unprofessional towards the sick.

Solomon Times took a visit to the Mataniko clinic this afternoon and spoke with a student who spoke under condition of anonymity revealing that "I was feeling really sick at school so I came here but when I approached the nurse on duty, I received a harsh response to go back outside and wait in line".

"I am feeling really sick here and all I want is professional medical assistance but instead, I got treated real badly," the student said.

He said there was no need for the nurse to be harsh "because she is paid to treat sick people".

The patient acknowledged that maybe it has been a hard week for the nurses with the outbreak in town "but they should always remain professional".

He questioned how the nurse would have reacted if something had happened to him outside the waiting room after such a harsh treatment given.

Asked how he dealt with the situation, the student said he was so disappointed with the nurse that he went to the police post near the clinic.

"I had to seek help elsewhere so the police called up the clinic and told them to deal with me as a matter of urgency because my condition was serious," the student said.

Meanwhile this morning at the Kukum Clinic, only one nurse turned up early to serve dozens of waiting sick people.

Waiting patients said medical service needs to improve and urge responsible authorities to deal with the issue.