Students are back in schools after weeks of non-stop celebrations to commemorate Solomon Islands 30th independence anniversary.

While most are looking forward to going back to school, others are still in the holiday mode as celebration mood still linger in the capital.

"I am looking forward to traveling back to school next week after a good four weeks holiday," a Su'u Secondary School student, John Bok said.

Like many other students, John has shared most of his holiday with family and friends, enjoying all the activities taking place in town.

"Most of my spare time I spent at the trade show grounds and it was so much fun," he said.

"But holiday is up and it is time to switch mood for school," he said.

John said those who are not looking forward to school means "they are not serious students".

"Four weeks of break is more than enough," he said.

The young school enthusiast reminded students on the importance of being serious with education as "it is the most important thing that would make us successful in life".

"I think the major factors that affect students in their education are drinking and socializing," John stated.

He said that what most youths fail to realise is that the consequence of their acts now would have a strong negative impact in the long term.