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Tourism Bureau Warns of Fallout After Dolphin Killings

Michael Tokuru, head of the Solomon Islands' visitors' bureau, said the recent killing of dolphins, and the international outrage that followed, will damage the country's efforts to promote Eco-tourism.
It is understood the villagers decided to return to traditional hunting of dolphins when the deal went sour.

900 Dolphins Slaughtered

900 bottlenose dolphins were slaughtered as the row between the American Earth Island Institute (EII) and Fanalei villagers continued.

International Flights Disrupted

Solomon Airlines announced today that its Airbus A320 aircraft is experiencing some technical difficulties. As such all its scheduled international services operated by the A320 aircraft will be experiencing some disruptions.

Makira-Ulawa Province Crippled by Storm

Makira-Ulawa province is still recovering from the effects of tropical cyclone Freda. Although the category two storm did not make landfall, the torrential downpour caused massive flooding and damaged critical infrastructures.
“Our identity as a people and tribe, our livelihood, our pride, our history, they are all tied to the land,” he said.

Landowners Oppose Nickel Mining

Land owning tribes in south-eastern parts of Choiseul have lodged a petition to the ministry of mines and energy opposing the proposed nickel mining operation by Sumitomo mining group.

Arsonists Linked to Burnt Police Station

The Royal Solomon Islands Police say that they are not ruling out the possibility that escaped fugitives could be linked to a recent fire that destroyed a village police station.

People Alliance Party to Hold Convention

The Solomon Islands People's Alliance Party (PAP)will hold its National Convention coming February to elect its new leaders.
Dr John Konam (left), with cocoa seedlings at the Post-Entry Quarantine Facility.

Cocoa Development Program for Farmers Launched

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL), is launching a new program of participatory cocoa development to improve the cocoa planting material for farmers.
Scholar Aitora from CEMA and Judy Tarailopo of AusAID inspect a solar drier.

Cocoa Solar Driers Under Trial

A small research trial is currently underway at the cocoa garden in Black Post, Solomon Islands, to test two simple solar driers to dry cocoa beans.

Government Seeks to Revive Cash Crops Affected by Cyclone Freda

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) says the government has pledged to assist with the replanting of cash crops wiped out by flooding from Cyclone Freda.
The incident occurred at the village of Babanakira, which was at the centre of ethnic violence just over a decade ago.

Police Blame Arsonists for Station Fire

Police are blaming a group of arsonists for the fire that destroyed its station on the Weather coast of Guadalcanal.

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