Parliament yesterday gave notice of the Motion of No Confidence it received from the Parliamentary Opposition group.

Clerk to Parliament Taeasi Sanga confirmed to SIBC news that the motion has been delivered to Parliament to be scheduled in the upcoming meeting which starts Thursday next week.

She says the M-P for West Honiara Isaac Inoke Tosika will move the motion.

Ms. Taeasi says a date is yet to be set aside for the motion.

She says Parliament Office has not yet received any bill for debate from the government.

Meanwhile, a Honiara resident and a former Honiara City Councilor John Seti Iromea says any motion of no confidence this time will be a waste of time as general election is but a few years away.

He says a motion of no confidence should be tabled in the early months of 2010 before Parliament dissolves.

Mr Iromea says many people want a neutral person like Derek Sikua to lead the country because his name is free from the ethnic tension problems and April 2006 riots.