“I love being positive at this stage because only by the grace of God I can make it to the next day. Every day I have to put a smile on my face though it is tough but it’s the only way to keep me in control”, Joan says.

Challenges of Our Health Sector: A Personal Story

She was chatty and seemed ok, one might think that Joan is admitted at the hospital for a mild illness.
The Financial System Regulation Department (FSRD) Staff with Governor Dr. Luke Forau and Deputy Governor Raynold Moveni with the FS Report released on 02.07.2020.

CBSI Releases 2019 Financial Stability Report

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) has just released the fourth edition of its Financial Stability Report (FSR) for the year 2019 as pursuant to section 31(4) of the CBSI Act 2012.
He says the Guadalcanal province agriculture office will only assist farmers in certain requirements needed to fulfil the criteria in the applications.

Local Farmers Flock GP Agriculture Office Seeking Assistance

More farmers are flocking the Guadalcanal Province (GP) Agriculture Division to seek advice on the Economic Stimulus Package.
"This is important for this economic stimulus package roll out that all of our people, particularly the rural sector which this economic stimulus package is targeting, are given the benefit of firsthand information from the national government," Robson Djokovic said.

Deadline for Stimulus Package Extended for Rural Communities

Applications for the government’s US$37.5 million stimulus package has been extended for those who live in the rural areas.
Aside from providing mush needed protein, inshore fishery is an important source of income for local fisherman. A report in 2015 suggests that inshore fishery is worth close to SBD$90 million annually.

Overfishing Highlighted in State of our Coral Reefs Report

Solomon Islands boasts some of the richest fishing grounds in the Western and Central Pacific basin.