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The rare arts collection industry is worth billions of dollars, yet the rarity of the art is tied to the history of a people hundreds of miles away from the collector’s arts studio.

A Traditional Comb from Kwaio Sold For SBD$10,000

The art and culture of the Solomon Islands is diverse and unique. It is also prized by collectors around the World.
For Australian-based Solomon Islander, Terry Wong, tracking down the shell money for his bride-to-be, Azalea — was no easy feat.

The True Value of Traditional Currency

Solomon Islands shell money is the price some grooms still pay for love.
Incredible footage shows the colours of the sea and the islands under Ben. Ben can be seen in the video leaning over the edge of the boat to get photographs.

Is it a Bird or a Plane? It’s a WHAT?

It’s a flying boat, yes you read right a flying boat!
Panpipe in the Solomon Islands was one of the many ways various aspects of our culture was preserved – our reverence for the dead, or the birth of a child, a sweet lullaby, a ritual.

Solomon Islands Panpipers: The Sounds of Our Ancestors

One of the unique features of the Solomon Islands is the talented panpipers, melodic tunes created from bamboo pipes, passed down from generations before.
Known as Glo, she has been promoting Solomon Islands and Melanesian culture, language and values in New Zealand for more than 25 years.

Solomon Islander Recognized in New Zealand’s New Year Honours List

Solomon Islander Glorious Oxenham has been awarded a QSM, in New Zealand’s New Year Honours, for services to Melanesian culture.