Culture & Arts

The black pigment is in sharp contrast to the vibrant colour of her hair and the silver markings on her face.

Bust of a Woman: Solomon Islands

A sculpture from the Solomon Islands has been highlighted by Samira Sallow in an article in the Ubyssey, a popular student newspaper in British Columbia, Canada.
Agapi Gkouleke, is a Biomedical Science student in the Agricultural University of Athens, and Antonia Markoviti, Law student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; she will be graduating this July 2019.

Stories Through Tattoos

Traditional tattoo designs are no longer preserved for our own people in the Solomon Islands.
Kiwi journalist Philippa Stevenson has completed a six-month stint for the Volunteer Service Abroad, working in a small media company in Honiara.

Saying Goodbye to Solomon Islands

When you go to a place to offer help it's easy to fall into the trap of looking for what needs to be done.
Second hand shops - where Solomon Islanders get most of their clothes.

Where Second Hand Clothes Find New Owners

If you thought all your donated clothes went to fellow Kiwis think again - Globally, the trade in second-hand clothes, mostly to developing nations, is big business.
Life as a Carver

Life as a Carver

Shifting from a job as a Welder to a self-employed Carver was no easy decision for Rex Mae of Malaita Province, Solomon Islands.