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“This has motivated us, to use comedy to tell stories, and at the same time show the real picture of issues in our society today."

“Behind the Jokes There is a Message,” Chai Comedy

Chai Comedy is perhaps the biggest comedic act to come out of social media for the Solomon Islands.
Members of the Dubai Pacific Family at the event.

Pasifiki Family Meet at Expo 2020 Dubai

Pacific Islanders at the Expo 2020 Dubai convened on Monday 25th October to acquaint themselves on the opening of what is dubbed as the the largest show on earth.
More than 600 visitors were welcomed to the Solomon Islands Pavilion over the past few days.

Good Showing for Solomon Islands in Dubai Expo 2020

With more than a week now since the Official Opening of the Expo 2020 Dubai, visitors from the various multi-nationalities have also paid a visit to our Solomon Islands Pavilion.
Ambrose says that he learnt very early that to do well he must be persistent, consistent and work with a lot of determination.

Young Ambrose Talks of Persistence and Determination in School

He is only 17 years old but he talks about plans that are probably well beyond his age.
“I now know that in any challenging situation I must just face it, and work hard, that is the important thing."

Turning My Life Around

“I was heading down the wrong path,” said Divine Sade, now 20 years of age.