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Natty Dolaiasi will also teach local young people of Solomon Islands background who have been isolated from their culture with the aim to prepare them to perform at the Byron Harmony Festival on 21 March. Mr Dolaiasi plans to perform with these young people at schools and other youth events.

Solomon Airlines Supports Promotion of Solomon Islands Culture

The music of Natty Dolaiasi, the culture of Solomon Islands and Solomon Airlines will be prominent in Australia this month during a series of music festivals, performances and other cultural activities made possible with flight support of Solomon Airlines.
When kids have multiple items to sell, I always ask them, “How mas all together?” encouraging them to do the math. The girls never seem to have troubles, but I have watched more than one boy wiggling fingers and then toes as he tallies the sale in his head.

Delivery the Solomon Way

Cruisers in the Solomon Islands enjoy special deliveries of limes, coconuts and more right to the anchorage.
Korean traditional fermented appetizer kimchi cabbage and radish salad, fish snack served in glass jars.

What it Takes to be a Foodie in 2020

The word foodie is one of the most overused and misunderstood terms in urban lingo.
Miss Solomons Finishes Second

Miss Solomons Finishes Second

It may not be the finish Solomon Islanders wanted, but it is history nonetheless - Miss Solomons Gladys Habu came second at the 2020 Miss Pacific Islands, the first for any Solomon Island contestant.
Solomon Islanders Rally Behind Miss Solomons

Solomon Islanders Rally Behind Miss Solomons

Solomon Islanders across the globe have rallied behind their Miss Solomon Islands, Ms Gladys Habu who is contesting for the Miss Pacific Island crown.