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PUBG Mobile’s monthly performance in 2021 has also been noteworthy, recording more than USD$200M in player spending for each month since the turn of the year.

PUBG Mobile Highest Grossing Mobile Game

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or more popularly known as PUBG launched a mobile version of its game in 2018 and still continues to dominate charts in 2021.
The Chief's Son cast went through three months of rehearsals for the five-day show.

Dreamcast’s Shakespeare-inspired ‘The Chief’s Son’ Set to Take Stage

Dreamcast Theatre Solomon Islands are set to stage one of their biggest theatre play yet; The Chief’s Son.
Politics aside, the interest in boat building has declined and if nothing is done it will join the long list of failed industries in the country.

Reviving the Boat Building Industry in Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands had many successful industries post-independence, some have grown and become a mainstay to the economy, others have withered and become non-existent.
The emerging star is currently an actress for Massive Theatre Company based in Aucklanda and a student at Otago University studying a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Chemistry.

Solomon Islander Stars in New Zealand TV Series

Elsie Polosovai is an on the rise actress that starred in episode 4 of the 5 part series "Teine Sa."
Iputu says it is sad that children living with disabilities in the provinces are not captured in the education system. Iputu says the children need education but are deprived of this because there are no services of this sort provided for them in the provinces.

Taking Care of Children With Special Needs Beyond Honiara

“My greatest wish is to have a learning center of this sort established in the provinces“ says Jiope Iputu.