The Police Association has expressed heart felt appreciation to RAMSI's Participating Police Force (PPF) and the Ministry of Health for assisting a local senior executive officer and his wife travel to Sydney to undergo medical treatment.

President of the joint central committees of both Police Officers Associations, Superintendent Mosese, said that the assistance reflects well on the true and brotherly relations which the Participating Police Force and Solomon Islands Police Force officers have.

Last week, the Ministry of Health and the PPF provided assistance so the senior officer could travel to St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney to receive medical treatment that is not available in the Solomon Islands.

The Police Association understands that PPF members and the PPF Social Club assisted in the provision of air fares, accommodation, meals, clothing and some other allowances for the senior officer's wife so she could also travel to Sydney.

The Police Association is humbled by this act of exemplary goodwill by our overseas friends and appeals to all local officers to help in the upcoming fundraising activities aimed at supporting the senior officer and his wife whilst they are in Sydney.