Life in the rural is one that cannot be found anywhere else.

People wake up without a care of time, bills, rents and the list goes as they look forward to a day in the gardens, out in the sea to fish fresh sea food among daily activities.

Shifting from the regular hustle and bustles in Honiara, spending time away in the rural is a simple laid back lifestyle from day to day pressure.

Honiara residents who work admit that they always look forward to the end year breaks "just to get away from it all".

School principal, Adrian Allen said that after a long year of nothing but pressure "I just count the days to go back to the village just to relax my mind".

Tucked away from all the changes taking place global, the village life is a set back to no electricity, no telephone, no fax and the list goes on.

"I like the fact that I can just sleep and not be bothered by phone calls," an Australian married to a local told Solomon Times.

She said that having been in the Solomons for more than ten years, "the best times I have are my weeks in the village".

It is without a doubt that Solomons did not inherit its 'Happy Isles' name for nothing as most expatriates approached state that the further one ventures to the many islands, the friendlier people are towards strangers.