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Foreign-Owned "University of Honiara" Under Government Scrutiny

An online institution bearing the name "University of Honiara" is pending approval from the Solomon Islands Government.

New Mini Hospital on Guadalcanal Plains

A mini hospital was officially opened at Tetere on the Guadalcanal Plains this morning.

Mobile Service Below Standard, Customers Complain

Mobile users in Solomon Islands are complaining that they are receiving services well below satisfaction.

Police Chief Remind Nightclub Owners of Underage Clubbing

Night club owners have been reminded of the issue of underage clubbing.

US Warship on Goodwill Visit

A United States warship, USS Reuben James, is on a "goodwill visit" to the Solomon Islands.

Police Continue Fight Against Central Market Crimes

Central Market Police continue in their fight against crime in the area.

PM Sikua Wants Mission to Expand Role to Rural Areas

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua is calling for RAMSI to expand its role in rural areas of the country where about 80 per cent of people in the country live.

Students Call on NTU to Speed Up Process

New students waiting for new scholarships to undertake university studies this year are complaining that the National Training Unit in the Ministry Education and Human Resources Development are slow in dealing with their case.

Guadalcanal Province to Address Land Issues

Development steps for Guadalcanal Province includes land issues.

Government Appoints New Permanent Secretaries

Five new Permanent Secretaries have been sworn-in at Government House this morning.

Solomons Government Grants Fund to Assist Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

A total sum of fifteen million dollars in aid money has been granted by the CNURA government for the victims of last year's April 2nd earthquake and tsunami.

Guadalcanal Landowners Confront Union General Secretary

The General Secretary for Solomon Islands National Union of Workers, Tony Kagovai, says the issue of the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited workers has caused disagreement between landowners and SINUW.

Former Ministers Undermine Government: Deputy Prime Minister Fono

Fourteen former Ministers of the ousted Sogavare-led government have been accused of attempting to undermine governmental programmes by refusing to return government vehicles.

Solomons Youths Call on Government to Address Unemployment Issue

The issue of unemployment is fast becoming an issue for the young citizens of Solomon Islands.

Zero Tolerance on Child Sex Abuse in Solomons: Fono

Alarming reports of sexual abuse of children within the country has prompted the national government to take a stand in condemnation of the crime, insisting upon zero tolerance of such unlawful acts.

Taiwan to Send Delegation

In a display of the cordial relations between Solomon Islands and Taiwan, the Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), H.E Annette Lu, will lead a big delegation to the country next month.

No Guest Worker System: Rudd

The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, does not have plans for a new 'guest worker system' for Pacific Islanders.

Three-Nation Tour "A Success": Prime Minister Sikua

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, described the three-nation tour as "a success".

National Disaster Council Launch Final Management Training

The National Disaster Council launched its final Training of Trainers at the Honiara Hotel this morning.

Wesley United Church Gearing into 2008 Activities

With the first month of the New Year rounding up, churches are gearing into 2008 with various activities and important occasions earmarked.

Australia Commits to Close Working Relationship with Solomons

Positive comments by Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, during Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua's visit to Australia this week confirms "Australia's continued commitment to a close working partnership with Solomon Islands Government, RAMSI and its regional partners to ensure a successful mission".

Honiara City Council Taking Lead to Re-Build China Town

The Honiara City Council is taking the lead to re-build China Town, burnt down during the 2006 April riot.

SICCI on Telecommunications Industry in Solomons

The liberalisation of the telecommunications industry has the potential to be of tremendous benefit to the economy, through the lower charges associated with competition.

Guadalcanal People not Happy with New Mall: Deputy Premier Tovusia

With the new Honiara Shopping Mall site officially launched Wednesday, some concerned people of Guadalcanal Province have objected to the move.

Solomons' Australian High Commission to Commemorate Australia Day

The Australian Day will be marked in Honiara with a reception at the Australian High Commission official residence this evening.

Taiwan Vice President to Visit Pacific Island States

A four-nation tour of the Pacific Islands will kick off for Taiwan Vice President, Annette Lu.

Malaita Tribe Fundraising Drive for Church Building

A tribe from Malaita Province is embarking on a fundraising drive to help towards the building of the Kwai and Ngongosila church in north Malaita.

SICCI Supports Government's Policy Statement

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) is encouraged by the new Government's prompt release of their Policy Statement.

Police Charge Three Men for Attempted Rape

Officers from the Police Sexual Assault Unit have arrested and charged three men with attempted rape on separate incidents at Avu Avu.

Sikua Delegation Continues Three Nation Tour

Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua and his delegation arrived in New Zealand as they continue the three nation tour of the Pacific.

Floods Damage High Percentage of Crops

The heavy rain weather that has been going for almost two months is causing flooding in some parts of Guadalcanal.

Finance Reports on Improvement to Tax Revenue

The Ministry of Finance has reported a significant improvement in the tax revenue the government has collected.

Magistrates Court Adjourns Sikua Hearing

The Honiara Magistrates Court adjourned court hearing on a case against the Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua.

CNURA Government Appoints Political Appointees

The Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government has appointed nine political appointees in the Prime Minister's Political Office.

Government to Include Youths in Decision Making

The government is "ever more determined" to include young people in decision making, either in the public or private sector.

Log of Claims for Wage Increase

The Solomon Islands Council of Trade had a meeting yesterday afternoon with the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers.

New Honiara Shopping Mall to Boost Economy

A new 'Honiara Shopping Mall' will soon be under construction at the former Guadalcanal Province headquarters site.

Creative Mother in Business

Creativity in the making comes a long way for a mother from Malaita Province, Grace Afea, who dyes sarongs (larva larva) for a living.

Honiara City Council Re-Opens Underground Pass

Honiara City Council re-opened the Central Market underground pass after it was closed last year for 'wrong use' by people.

College Assistance Timely: SICHE Director

Financial assistance could not have come at a better time, says Director of Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE).

Cultural Jewellery Demand on the Rise

Solomon Islands is one of the many countries well known for its cultural arts and crafts.

Vandalism Blow to Tourism in Solomons: Bureau General Manager

The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau, SIVB, deplores the removal of the Japanese Monument at Mount Austin in Honiara last week.

Prime Minister Sikua Holds Talks with PNG's Sir Michael Somare

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Derek Sikua, has concluded official talks with his Papua New Guinea Counterpart, Sir Michael Somare, in Port Moresby yesterday.

Rising River Due to Heavy Rain

The Solomon Islands Police Force has been advised that the northern area of the Lungga River is rising due to the heavy rain.

Police Investigate Fire Incident

The Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) Fire Service was called to attend a fire at a house near Mbokonera One area in Honiara.

Vandalism to Japanese War Monument

Police in Honiara are investigating the damage caused by vandals to the Japanese War Monument at Mount Austin.

EU Programme Approves Funds for Rural Development

The European Union-funded Micro Projects Programme has approved a total grant of SBD11.3 million for 77 community projects to be implemented during 2008.

Italy to Convene Italian-Pacific Islands Forum

The Italian Government has pledged to convene an Italian-Pacific Islands Forum towards the end of 2008.

Japan Assists SICHE Girls Hostel Rehabilitation.

The Embassy of Japan in Solomon Islands is assisting the rehabilitation of the Girls Hostel at Kukum Campus, Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE).

U-Turn on Rural Development: Prime Minister Sikua

The Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement (CNURA) government is taking a U-turn approach to the 'Bottom-Up-Approach'.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism to Introduce College Tourism Training

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is currently working on a major visibility project to establish training at the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education.

Kingdom Harvest Celebrates 8th Anniversary

The Kingdom Harvest Ministry commemorated its eighth anniversary in Solomon Islands with a three-day programme.

Police Arrest Man in Relation to Note Against Malaitans

A man has been arrested in relation to a note written against Malaitans.

Solomon Islands to Have Own Pap Smear Clinic

Solomon Islands will soon have its own Pap Smear Clinic at the National Referral Hospital.

NDMO Seeks Funding for Three Burns Creek Communities and Guadalcanal Plains

The National Disaster Management Office is putting together a request to fund three communities in the Burns Creek area most affected in the days of heavy raining.

Police Investigate Note Incident

Police have increased patrols in Honiara after members of the public became concerned about a note that was posted on a tree outside the Magistrates Court Thursday.

Tourist Visits on the Rise for Solomons

The rating for tourist visits is "really good", according to a private tourism operator.

Bottom Up Approach for Rural Advancement

The Bottom Up Approach is a key reference point in the overall government policy thrust.

Cyclone Advice for Southern Parts of Solomons

A tropical cyclone watch advice has been issued for the Makira-Ulawa, Rennell-Bellona and Temotu provinces.

World First for Solomon Islands in Research Techniques

The introduction of the International Visitor Survey (IVS) at Henderson International Airport in 2006/2007 means that Solomon Islands now leads the Pacific region in the application of technology.

Provincial Development Tourism Plans

Three provinces are among the first to submit their Tourism Development Plans to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

St. Josephs School Moves into 2008 with Big Plans

Solomon Islands' St. Josephs Catholic Secondary School moves into the new academic year with "big plans".

Sikua Government Aims to Double Number of Tourist Arrivals

The Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government aims to double the number of tourist arrivals next year.

Expressing Tradition Through Carvings

The art of expressing tradition in the carving industry is an income earner for an enthusiastic carver.

Rural Communities Access Internet

Who would have thought that one could one day access the internet in the comfort of custom built leaf huts overlooking the beautiful Marovo lagoon.

Government to Launch Policy Statement

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, will launch his government's policy statement this Friday.

Illegal Tipping Affects Garbage Collection

The Honiara city council clerk, Mr. Joseph Huta, has revealed that a certain illegal practice has forced the city council to revisit its by-laws.

13 Year Olds Involved in Burglaries

The recent surge in burglaries in the capital Honiara has seen kids as young as 13 being used.

PM Sikua Terminates Seven Permanent Secretaries

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, has formally announced the appointment of 26 Permanent Secretaries in a press conference held at the Cabinet this afternoon.

Drug Haul at Tetere Worth SBD$300,000

Tetere Police have discovered two large marijuana plantations with the assistance of villagers within the Tetere area.

COI Chairman Frustrated with No Shows

The Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into last year's April riots, Brian Brunton, last week lashed out at the failure of certain witnesses to appear before the Commission describing the act as a waste of tax payers' money and a waste of time.

SINUW Tenders Strike Notice to GPPOL

A 28 days strike notice has been issued by the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers (SINUW) to the management of Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited.

No Excuse for Neglect of Tsunami Victims: PM Sikua

Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, in his trip to the Western Provincial capital Gizo, said that the government had clearly neglected its duty to its people.

Burglars Break into Media Head Office

A break-in at a building in Honiara last night affected at least four offices, including the Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) head office.

Solomons Present Medal to ROC Diplomat

The First Secretary for the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ken Lai, received a Solomon Islands Silver Medal for his service in the country.

North Malaita Community Enjoy Clean Drinking Water

The community on the small island of Waringifau in Suafa Bay, North Malaita, are now enjoying fresh clean drinking water.

Prime Minister Embarks on Western Province Visit

Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua begins his second official visit inspecting a guard of honour mounted by the Solomon Islands Police Force officers in the Western Provincial capital, Gizo, this morning.

HIV/AIDS Prevention Project Funds Condom Dispensers in Honiara

Honiara residents will soon have ready access to condoms.

Police Assist Villagers with Dangerous Crocodiles

The Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF), with the assistance of their RAMSI Participating Police Force (PPF) counterparts, has successfully responded to villagers' concerns about crocodiles threatening their villages in the Gizo area last week.

GPPOL Workers Association Lashes Out at Recent Complaints

The Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Workers Association has lashed out at recent complaints by supposed employees of GPPOL concerning work conditions at GPPOL.

Weekend SolRice Challenge in Honiara

A SolRice Challenge will take place on Lengakiki Roads in Honiara tomorrow.

Police Investigate High School Break-In

Police are investigating a burglary at the Seventh Day Adventist-owned Betikama High School.

Sikua Government to Establish Educational Institution in Malaita

Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, has said that his new government would like to see a national educational institution to be established in the Malaita Province.

Gizo Police Patrol Islands and Communities

The Acting Inspector Director Mr. Teraka says officers in the area have been involved in patrols around various islands and communities.

Low Crime Rate in Gizo, Western Province

Police in the Western Province capital town, Gizo, recorded a low in crime rate.

Increased Vehicles Crowd Honiara Roads

A traffic incident this morning involving a prominent former Minister drew public attention to the crowded Honiara traffic.

GPPOL Not Paying Enough on Salary

As operations of the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Ltd (GPPOL) move into its fourth year, workers are complaining that their salary is not enough to make ends meet.

GPPOL Worker Complains on "Match Box" Living Arrangement

Workers of the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Ltd. (GPPOL) complain that living in 'a match box' is not suitable for families.

Local Officers Would Have Contained Crowd

The Commission of Inquiry into the 2006 April 18 riots has been told that had there been more officers from the Solomon Islands Police Force at parliament that day, they would have contained the crowd.

Auluta Oil Palm Project Top Priority: Prime Minister Sikua

The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands has placed the Auluta Oil Palm Project as high priority.

Moti Sucessfully Bailed and Set for Release

The former Solomon Islands Attorney-General, Julian Moti, who has been successfully bailed, is set for release.

Honiara City Council Willing to Assist: HCC Clerk

Honiara City Clerk, Joseph Huta, says their office will respond accordingly to the Guadalcanal disaster stricken areas.

Government Offers Private Lawyer Attorney General Post

Solomon Islands government is offering private lawyer, Gabriel Suri, to be acting Attorney General.

Solomons Government to Meet French Ambassador

Solomon Islands government will meet with the Ambassador of France accredited to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Mr. Patrick Boursin, who heads the French Embassy in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Pick-Pocketing on the Rise in Honiara

As Honiara city moves into its eighth day of 2008, it has been noted that crimes on the streets is on the rise.

Police Investigate Taiwan Embassy Break-In

Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) Criminal Investigations Division (CID) detectives are investigating a burglary at the Taiwan Embassy Office at Panatina Plaza, East Honiara.

Sea Travel 'On the Safe Side'

Despite continuous torrential rain throughout the country, the status of sea traveling is 'on the safe side'.

Moti Lawyer Appeals for Committal Hearing

A committal hearing has been requested for the sacked Solomon Islands Attorney General, Julian Moti.

Brisbane Court Grants Moti Bail

Sacked Solomon Islands Attorney-General, Julian Moti, has been granted bail on child rape charges.

Police Charge Man with Arson

Naha Police detectives have charged a man with arson.

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