While the more developed societies rely on high tech machinery to do heavy errands, Solomon Islanders still rely on the simple broom made of coconut leaves.

Prior to the invention of vaccum cleaners and modern brooms, locals in the past had always relied heavily on the coconut made brooms to do light and heavy cleaning.

These brooms are made from coconut leaves by cleaning out the leafy parts and using the midribs.

To this day, the coconut brooms are still widely used not just in homes but also in offices, schools and in public places.

Salote Sereima of Malaita Province said that unlike other countries, locals still favour the home-made coconut brooms over the modern made ones bought in shops.

"For me, I find the simple broom does a good job when cleaning up than the modern inventions," Ms. Sereima said.

Local women have found a good source of income in selling the coconut brooms at the main market in Honiara.