Our Telekom will launch its Breeze GSM Mobile Service in the Makira provincial capital, Kirakira, on Tuesday 29th July, 2008.

Our Telekom will offer Mobile Sales Special on Mobile phones and SIM cards with unbeatable prices to customers in Kirakira during the launch.

The mobile service installation in Kirakira was completed on the 5th May and was put on trial for a month. Our Telekom engineers have carried out coverage tests which produced good reception for Kirakira Township and its surrounding areas.

The Breeze GSM catchment areas goes as far as Wango point, Arosi One in the Western part of Makira and goes as far as Wainoni Catholic Station, Wainoni Bay in the East.

Residents in and around Kirakira with existing mobile phones have been using the mobile service since it was installed. However, those who are yet to own mobile phones are hoping to buy their handsets during the launch.

Mrs. Edith Hanuagi of Telekom Kirakira said the people in Makira are very excited about this new development being extended to the province.

"The mobile service makes communication much easier to people in the township and the surrounding areas especially to where landlines never reaches such as the Kirakira airport terminal. Airline passengers can now easily contact Solomon Airlines in Honiara from the airport to find out about flight movements," Mrs Hanuagi said

Our Telekom has continued its rural development this year by extending the GSM mobile services to Lata in the Temotu Province and Kirakira in Makira Province and Buala in the Isabel Province.

The next roll out of Breeze GSM mobile service will be in Taro in Choiseul and Seghe in Western.