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Youths Support Honiara Council Clean Up Campaign

The Honiara Council Coca Cola Clean-Up started this morning with a good turn out of youths.

Reaffirmation Ceremony July Second

Honiara will feature what might be the largest ever reaffirmation and forgiveness ceremony to be staged in the capital between former rivalries from Malaita and Guadalcanal provinces.

Launch of Report on Corruption and Transforming Lives

The Asia Pacific Regional Human Development will launch its "Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives" report at the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel today.

Asking Favours Develops Friendship

The nature of "asking favours" often lead to strong friendship.

Samoan RAMSI Officer Involved in Fatal Accident Refuses Interview

The Samoan RAMSI officer in Brisbane involved in a fatal accident that claimed the life of a young female nurse graduate refused to be interviewed by Police.

Solomons Welcome End of Telekom Strike

People of the Solomons are breathing a huge sigh of relief as Telekom workers end their week-long protest.

Solomons Stages Biggest Trade Show

With the country's 30th independence anniversary just around the corner, Solomon Islanders are looking forward to see the biggest trade show staged in the capital city.

SIEA to Light Up National Color for Trade Show

Solomon Islands Electricity Authority, SIEA, is currently working at the KG fields in preparations for the National Trade and Cultural Show.

Top Local Detective to Interview Samoan RAMSI Officer

A leading Detective from the Solomon Islands Police Force leaves the country for Brisbane today to interview the Samoan RAMSI Participating Police Force (PPF) officer that was involved in the fatal motor vehicle accident that occurred on Friday 13 June 2008.

Business Skills Training for Small Business Operators

A two weeks training aimed at building business skills is currently being coordinated by the Women's Development Division of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.

Solomons to Introduce Free Education Next Year

Solomon Islands will introduce free basic education next year.

CSSI Women's Network Launch Action Plan

Women are taking on stronger and more senior jobs within the Solomon Islands prison service - including working in the men's area of the prison for the first time - with the help of a Women's Network to promote career paths for female officers.

Strike Ends, Telekom Workers Return

Well placed sources have revealed that the Striking workers of Our Telekom will now return to work as of tomorrow.

Telekom Strike Escalates

The Telekom strike is escalating with striking workers now accusing their beleaguered CEO Martyn Robinson of campaigning to keep tariffs on the increase and manipulating accounting figures to keep telecommunications charges high.

Government Introduces Collateral Bill

The Minister of Finance, Hon. Snyder Rini announced that the government will be tabling a bill that will expand what can be used a collateral to obtain loans.

Sikua Faces No-Confidence Motion

With just over six months in office, Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, will face his first no-confidence vote in the upcoming meeting of Parliament.

Telekom Strike Affecting Communications

Impact of Telekom's strike is surfacing in the capital city Honiara.

Police Arrest Offender After 19 Years

Police have charged a man for murdering Aussie ex-pat 19 years ago.

Launch of New Pidgin Bible

The Saint Barnabas Cathedral Church will launch its Pidgin Bible next month.

Pay Does Not Justify Our Safety: Security Workers

With Our Telekom strike still ongoing and government workers threatening to take a nationwide strike this week, workers of a local security firm in Honiara are also expressing grievances in their field.

Freedom of Information Workshop in Honiara

A workshop organized by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and the UNDP Pacific Centre will be held in Honiara early next week.

Telekom Strike Disrupts 999 Emergency Line

Police are urging Telekom that despite its ongoing strike to maintain essential services.

Please Give Reasons for Resignation, says Sogavare

The National Parliamentary Opposition Group has called on the Chairman of the National Provident Fund (NPF) board, Mr Adrian Wickham, who reportedly resigned at the weekend due to Government pressure to remove Mr Robinson, to explain the reasons for his resignation.

Cab Driver Explains That 'Extra Passenger'

A cab driver has explained to Solomon Times that security is the reason why taxis carry around an extra man usually referred to as the 'crew' during their night shifts.

PM Sikua Opens Taiwanese Trade Show in Honiara

Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua and Taiwanese Ambassador to Solomon Islands, His Excellency George Chan jointly opened the Taiwanese Trade Show in Honiara yesterday morning.

Japan Funds Jetty and Market in Auki

A signing of the Exchange of Notes between the Government of Japan and the Solomon Islands Government was held recently at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade.

CBSI Launches 'Money Smart Day'

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands, CBSI, yesterday launched an annual event called 'Money Smart Day'.

Telephones Down as Strike Continues

Solomon Islanders are increasingly feeling the pinch of the Telekom Strike as more systems are likely to go down.

Exhaust All Dispute Resolution Avenues: SICCI

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) say that there are issues, which need to be looked at, raised by the current industrial dispute between Telekom workers and management.

Telekom Strike Causes Concern

The decision by indigenous Our Telekom workers to continue with their strike action despite Government efforts to have them return to work has caused concern among Honiara residents.

Telekom Strike May Disrupt Air Services

As the Telekom strike enters its seventh day today, the Civil Aviation Authority warns that if the strike drags on much longer, there is a real possibility of serious disruptions to both domestic and international flights.

HCC Youth Division to Organise Youth Day

The Ministry of Women Youth and Children Affairs today officially handed over the International Youth Day celebrations for this year 2008 to the Honiara City Council youth division.

Makira Gets Back to Custom Garden as Food Prices Surge

The North South Star Harbor Constituency in Makira Province recently opened a custom garden to promote the use of subsistence methods of farming in the constituency.

National Reaffirmation Ceremony Planned for 2nd July

The Sikua-led government is calling on Solomon Islanders to support the upcoming reaffirmation ceremony saying that it will begin a process of repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation and national healing.

Fono Defends PM's Tours

Acting Prime Minister, Honorable Fred Fono (MP), has defended Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua's overseas trips following what he describes as misleading criticisms by Opposition MP, Japhet Waipora.

Online Employment Site Launched

An online employment portal for the Solomon Islands,, was launched on the Internet today. The managers of the site, Nick Reese and Brett Chant, say that is a free website for people to find work, or for employers to post positions vacant.

Rick Hou Takes Up Top Job in World Bank

Outgoing Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI), Rick Hou, is scheduled to take up a two year contract with the World Bank at its Washington head office September this year.

8 Arrested After Huge Kwaso Bust

Two early morning raids by the Police resulted in the arrest of eight people and the seizure of over 750 liters of Kwaso. The Police also confiscated manufacturing equipment in one of the largest illegal alcohol busts in recent years.

Climate Change Threatens Solomon Islanders

Communities in Solomon Islands may lose their homes, culture, identity and way of life because of climate change Minister of Environment, Conservation and Meteorology Gordon Darcy Lilo has warned when he addressed the opening of the one-week Climate Change workshop that begins in Gizo yesterday.

Our Telekom Workers on Strike

Our Telekom company indigenous workers have stopped work as of 4.30pm yesterday afternoon for an indefinite period.

Solomon Islands to Get a Royal Visit

In his speech celebrating the official birthday of Her Majesty the Queen on June 13, His Excellency the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena GCMG KStJ CSI, announced that there would soon be a Royal Visit to the Solomon Islands.

Kwaso, a Silent Killer

Drinking Kwaso is fast becoming a problem affecting young people in the Solomon Islands and, according to community workers, it is getting worse.

Police Leaders Lay Hilda to Rest

The Commander of RAMSI's Participating Police Force, Denis McDermott and the mission's most senior Pacific Island representative, assistant Special Coordinator, Mataiasi Lomaloma today travelled to Malaita with the Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall to attend the funeral of the late Hilda Ilabae.

Prime Minister of Samoa Apologizes for Death of Young Nurse

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, has received a condolence message from the Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, after the tragic and untimely death of a young nurse.

Sogavare Calls for Review of Facilitation Act

The National Parliamentary Opposition Group has renewed its call on the Government to immediately facilitate the review of the legal framework governing the operation of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands as approved by Parliament last year.

Police Investigates Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident

The Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) has commenced an investigation into the fatal accident involving a RAMSI vehicle that occurred last Friday at Tasahe Drive.

Government should do more to Curb High Prices: Honiara Resident

With the sky rocketing prices in Honiara many are still confused as to what was the cause.

NDMO Organize Trainings for Provincial Disaster Coordinators

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) says its 10 Provincial Disaster Coordinators will be among 90 participants who will take part in a one-week Climate Change Workshop in Gizo from the 16th to 21st June.

Government has Given in to Loggers: TSI

Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) is disappointed that the Government has backed down and given in to logging companies as it has not increased the Determined Value of logs as has been gazetted.

Tourism Training for Local Operators

In an attempt to increase the capacity of tourism operators in the Provinces a week long training was held at Flamingo, Honiara Hotel by Solomon Host.

City zoning to be discussed in Meeting: City Clerk

The bus fare increase has got the city council bosses thinking, and is responding to a private view published recently for the zoning of the city.

Guadalcanal Province Provides Land for Disaster Office

Guadalcanal Province premier Stephen Panga and his executive have today confirmed they will allocate a piece of land for a disaster office at Doma as soon as they start building the new Headquarters.

City Council Takes Over Multipurpose Hall

The Honiara City Council (HCC) Clerk Joseph Huta said that despite taking over the running of the Multipurpose Hall the HCC will not disrupt any sporting activities taking place in the Hall.

Government to Establish Land and Lost Property Inquiry

One of the Government's key plans, aimed at addressing the root causes of the ethnic tension, is a step closer to being finalized following Fiji and Vanuatu's commitment to support the Solomon Islands Government initiative.

Do Something about the Mentally Ill: Honiara Residents

Solomon Times met up with a group of people early yesterday morning standing in front of the ITA building opposite the main market of Honiara.

TRMPC Doctors Visits the Solomon Islands

The Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC), a non-profit group consisting of 28 volunteers ranging from dentists, lab technicians and nurses will be doing voluntarily work while in the country.

Honiara, Still a Safe City

Many often ask how safe is Honiara? Walking past a canteen in Honiara late yesterday evening, a drunken man lying in front of a canteen in Lengakiki seemed to answer the question.

SICTU Warns of Telekom Dispute Spreading

The Solomon Islands Council of Trade Unions, SICTU, has warned of the Telekom dispute spreading and bringing in international trade unions if the local employees go on mass resignation and Telekom tries to bring in foreign workers.

Cuban Doctors is a Blessing to Solomon Islands: Alependava

The arrivals of the Cuban Doctors in the country resulting from an arrangement made under the former Government of Sogavare is continuing.

Teach Our Children Right

While it is difficult for many to admit, abusive words are quite common in many household in the Solomon Islands, having a huge negative impact on young children.

Telekom Risks Shutting Down

The indigenous employees of Telekom have warned of a total shut down if the dispute over their demand for the removal the company's CEO and Board Chairman is not resolved quickly.

High Fuel Price Increases Sea Fares

Sea fares on every ship have increased because of the current increase in the price of fuel.

Samoans and Tongans do a Great Job: RAMSI

RAMSI Acting Special Coordinator, Jonathan Austin yesterday thanked the mission's two largest Polynesian contingents, Samoa and Tonga for the great job they do in the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

Where is Our Motorcycle?

Police from the Kukum Traffic Centre are seeking assistance from the public to the whereabouts of a police motorcycle that was stolen in early May.

PM Sikua Committed to Start Mining in Isabel

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua, has reiterated his government's desire to open up the nickel exploration in Isabel Province.

Networking over Betel Nut Session

Networking is a term used in more office-setting scenario but for the laid back Solomon Islanders, this is applicable in all setting.

Women Call for Recognition

Responsible authorities are called on to recognize the need to set up a venue for women to establish themselves in their field of interest.

Creative Art out of Debris

Making craft out of debris on the streets is something short of one's imagination.

Making Use of Natural Talents

People of Solomon Islands are known for their natural ability in arts and crafts.

Solomons Diplomat Elected Vice President in United Nations

A Solomon Islands diplomat has been elected a vice president of the United Nations General Assembly.

Industrial Action Looming in Telekom Saga

Telekom employees are threatening to take another industrial action if the Chairman of the Telekom Board, Mr. John Beverly, refuses to negotiate the Telekom Chief Executive, Martin Robinson's removal.

LCC Disappointed With Delay in Appointment of Commissioners

The Leadership Code Commission (LCC) is disappointed with the delay by responsible authorities to appoint Commissioners.

Boderline Community Members Attack Police Officers

Police have increased patrols and man-power at Borderline Police Post after members of the community attacked several officers this morning.

First World Environment Day Celebrations in Solomons

World Environment Day celebration in Honiara marks the first of its kind.

Calls to Help Reduce Pollution

Solomon Islanders are called on to help reduce the increasing pollution happening around the globe.

Formal Swearing In of Police Commissioner

The new Acting Police Commissioner for Solomon Islands Police Force was sworn in.

Fibre Optic Training for Telekom Staff

Six Engineers from Our Telekom Engineering Department received four days training course on Fiber Optic Construction and Test Equipment at the Telekom Training Centre, Ranadi last week.

Calls for Solomons Government to Be Firm Against Loggers

The government is urged to stand firm on its commitment of increasing the determined price on logs.

Watching But Not Listening

Drawing a huge crowd in Honiara takes just one loud sound of music.

Renbel Provincial Executive Happy with Disaster Advocacy Meet

The National Disaster Management Office held a successful advocacy meeting with the Premier of Rennell-Bellona and his Provincial Executive Monday this week.

Solomons Population, Second Fastest Growth Rate in Pacific

Solomon Islands has the second fastest population growth rate in the Pacific region with two-point-seven percent.

No Earthquake-Related Damage, Reports West Makira

Reports from HF radios nearest to the epicenter of a 6.2 earthquake at 0320am today near west Makira say there are no damages, landslides or high waves.

New Puisne Judge for Solomons

A new Puisne Judge for the High Court of Honiara was sworn in before His Excellency the Governor General of Solomon Islands at the Government House.

Swearing In of New Commissioners

Two Commissioners from the Leadership Codes Commission were sworn in at the Government House today.

Strong Earthquake Shakes Solomon Islands

A strong earthquake shook Honiara early hours this morning.

Meeting Agrees on Bus Fare Increase

A meeting has formally agreed on the new rates of bus fares in Honiara.

Workshop Addresses Increase on Sex Workers

A one-day workshop looks into the raising issue of sex workers in the country.

Fighting Alone for Women

A lone female figure among the male-dominant Rennell-Bellona provincial government, Anne Pugeva vows to work at helping women of the province.

Blame on Parents and Club Owners for Underage Clubbing Increase

Parents and club owners are blamed for increase on under-age night clubbing.

Possible Public Disorder Amidst Continuous Price Rise: Sasako

A former M-P for East Kwaio, Alfred Sasako warns of a possible public disorder in the not too distant future if ever increasing prices of goods are not controlled.

Police are Not Being Trained to Use Firearms: Marshall

Acting Commissioner of Police, Peter Marshall, said that no member of the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) is undertaking any form of firearm training.

Walking in Light of Bus Fare Increase

Walking is becoming the obvious choice for most as the increase in fare becomes effective today.

Youths Combat Unemployment Issue

To be employed does not come easy for the growing unemployed youths of Solomon Islands.

Clearing Up At the Right Time

Huge cloud of smokes coming from various corners in Honiara city is common sight, which is causing complaints from the general public.

Bus Fare Increase a Relief, Says Bus Drivers

Bus drivers describe the move to increase bus fare from $3 to $5 as "a relief".

Ministry of Rural Development Release Guideline for RDLP Fund

The official guidelines on how to apply for the utilization of the Rural Development Livelihood Projects Fund (RDLP) was released last week.

Forestry Minister Clarifies Determined Value Schedule for Export Logs

The Minister of Forestry, Sir Allan Kemakeza clarified a number of issues relating to the recent increase in the Determined Value Schedule (DVS) for export logs.

Guadalcanal Unprepared for National Reconciliation: Shanel

The people of Guadalcanal are not prepared for the Government's planned national reconciliation because of failures by successive governments to address the Guadalcanal bona fide demands.

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