China Joins Battle to Prevent COVID-19 from Solomon Islands

The Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has joined in the battle to prevent the deadly corona virus from infecting Solomon Islands.

Guangdong Province to Send Masks, Protective Gear

Guangdong Province of the People’s Republic of China has expressed their commitment to provide support to the Government and people of Solomon Islands.
The statement said this system is designed to minimize large gathering of people and social distancing of members going to their offices.

SINPF Formulates System to Control Influx of Members

The Solomon Islands National Provident Fund is concerned about the influx of members flocking to their office seeking payouts.
Dr. Jimmie Rodgers and other panelists at a talkback show held at SIBC over the weekend.

Solomon Islanders Studying Abroad to Remain in Host Countries

Cabinet has made a decision that Solomon Islanders studying in Fiji, PNG and Philippines are to remain in their respective host countries.
Government authorities are working on our preparedness for any lock down event across the capital.

Government Plans Simulated Lock Down Drill to Test Preparedness

The Government has approved a simulated lock down drill in the coming days to test our preparedness should a real lockdown is imposed in an event of any COVID-19 outbreak in the country.