The Acting Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Hon. Martin Maga, during the opening of the sub regional workshop on food security stated that the government should not be blamed for the soaring food prices.

"This is a global issue and it is a mistake to blame government for high prices on food items or fuel, the main contributor to the sudden rise," says Mr. Maga.

He mentioned that food security has now become an important issue that must be addressed collectively. "It is the priority of the Solomon Islands government to include food security as a priority in its agricultural policy statement," said Mr. Maga.

"Food security for Solomon Islands means having access to food at least two times a day...we are still far better off then many countries"

He adds that import substitution has been addressed by developing crops that can be grown locally without having to import from the countries.

"But unless there is a marked improvement in production...the country will continue to import alot of its fruits and vegetables from overseas," says Mr. Maga.

Maga said that Solomon Islanders could do a lot for themselves by engaging in their own food production, such as small gardens around their homes.