It can be a good time out or a moment of being an utter fool in public when consumption of alcohol goes overboard.

Sprawled all over the pavement with no care in the world was the case of one young man who had too much alcohol and was later found sleeping on the busy street of Honiara.

"This is a shameful sight for such a young man who has obviously gone beyond extreme and making a fool of himself," Coni Amasia commented as onlookers smirked at the sight.

The young man was completely knocked out and oblivious to the gathering crowd around him.

"This is what becomes of young people who think they are smart when it comes to alcohol, they end up being the joke of the town," Gretel Tudu said.

She added that while having a good time "be mindful that you do not end up being the fool and a reason for people to laugh".