Beautifying the capital city of Solomon Islands is a grueling job for those placed with the responsibility.

The Honiara Beautification Group's behind the initiative of planting gardens in and around Honiara in efforts to beautify the capital.

Visitors approached state that while the beautiful flowers compliment the capital city, it is the sight of rubbish all over the place that needs attention.

"I have been in the country for three weeks now, it's a beautiful city with a really peaceful lifestyle and the people are just so friendly," one tourist commented.

He however pointed out that the one issue that taints the beauty of the capital is "rubbish all over the place".

"In the middle of all the beautiful plants, the amount of rubbish is shocking," he said.

He added that as a tourist, it is not a pleasant sight for such a beautiful place like the Solomons.

"People of the Solomons do not realize just how beautiful their place is, they need to have pride in keeping their surroundings clean," the tourist said.

He said that people in other countries take pride in keeping their cities clean "and that should be the attitude of the Solomon Islanders".

The tourist pointed out that the best way to deal with the litter problem is to impose heavy penalty on people throwing rubbish in public.

"Responsible authorities should consider imposing heavy penalty on anyone found littering the city because that is the only way to help the locals change their attitude," he added.

The tourist highlighted that overall, "this country has got so much to offer because of its uniqueness in its diverse culture and the many beautiful scattered islands".