People welcome weekends with open arms but such is not the case for some women who fear hassles from drunkards.

Solomon Times witnessed an incident at White River over the weekend during which a drunkard appeared out of nowhere and started dismantling tables that street vendors were using to sell betel nuts.

One woman at the stalls, Vinnie Managa revealed that such behaviour is becoming regular and placing fear on them as street vendors.

"It is placing fear on us women who have betel nut stalls as weekend approach," Ms. Managa said.

She told Solomon Times that such occurrence has really affected their market.

"We never have a peace of mind when we know that the weekend is drawing near because of what we experience on a regular basis," Ms. Managa added.

Women are urging police to "really patrol" the market area during weekends "because we are always victims".

Solomon Times was present to witness the man heavily under the influence of alcohol verbally abusing innocent women at their stalls.

With betel nuts strewn all over the road and people shouting only agitated the drunkard further to do more damage to the women's stalls.

The man was still causing havoc when a RAMSI vehicle arrived at the scene and arrested him.

Solomon Times witnessed the man, realising the trouble he had landed himself into, trying to explain his way out to police.

It did not work as police ignored the drunkard and led him to the waiting RAMSI vehicle to be transported to the station watch house for questioning.