Sight of children scavenging rubbish in public brings questions to minds of many on how some parents could allow such a thing to happen to their child.

Speaking to a group of children standing beside a pile of trash, Willy Maepesa said they just enjoy going through the piles of rubbish to see what they can find.

He told Solomon Times that it's a favorite pastime for him and his friends, digging up the dirt to find anything valuable.

"We look for things like toys or anything like that to take home with us," Willy said adding that he once found a broken toy that he fixed and took home to play with.

He said common rubbish dumps they like to check are ones close to shops "to find anything interesting".

This however are done out of child innocence on the health hazard they are bringing upon themselves.

A young mother, Grace Tafisi said that their parents should teach the children the right things to do.

"They should care about their children's health and should not allow them to the rubbish sites," she said.

Ms. Tafisi said that some parents are ignorant until something drastic happens to their child and they "run all over the place" for help.

"Stern discipline on children is all it takes to make the young ones know that it is not safe and not healthy to be playing around rubbish dumps," she said.