Overloading of vehicle trailers is a noticeable bad habit in the Solomons.

This is an ongoing issue between police officers and the general public who have been warned time and again against the practice.

"The rule is often heavily emphasized especially during festive seasons like the end of the year, you have RAMSI and local officers flagging down overloaded vehicles," Leah Gasi observed.

People react when flagged down not realising that it is their personal safety that is centre of concern.

Solomon Times received confirmation of many "ugly accidents" involving overloaded vehicles.

Despite repeated warnings, people do not seem to realise or maybe just a case of a very bad habit that is hard to die out.

Solomon Times noted that most common to see overloaded trailers is when shipping things off to the rural, market people traveling from the outskirts to the Honiara Central Market or when taking a trip down to the beach.

"People are just so used to overcrowding trailers that it is normal to most," Ms. Gasi said.

General opinions agreed that the person behind the wheels should also be responsible in controlling the amount of load that goes into the vehicle.

"The way I see it, this is just part of the typical laid back Solomon Islands lifestyle that will take a lot of pushing to discourage the practice," Ms. Gasi said.