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Man Bailed on Fraud Charge

A 25-year-old man has been bailed to appear before a Honiara Magistrate on 9 March for fraud after he allegedly tried to cash a stolen cheque of SBD$100,000.

RAMSI Backs Solomon Islands Anti-Corruption Measures

RAMSI Special Coordinator, Graeme Wilson, today pledged RAMSI's full support for the Solomon Islands Government's fight against corruption.

Gold Ridge Mining Denies Reports of Cyanide Leakage

Gold Ridge Mining Limited has denied media reports of cyanide leakages at the gold mine site.

Lata Police Begins Court Hearings

The Lata Police had entered its first week of court circuit hearings at the Lata Magistrate Court house.

Government Monitors Global Economic Crises, Cuts Spending

Government is taking steps to manage and control expenditure and maximise revenue collection to minimise the impacts of the global financial crisis on the country's budget and economy.

Our Telekom Set to Launch Breeze Mobile Service in Afio

Our Telekom will launch its Breeze GSM Mobile Service in Afio, South Malaita on the 12th and 13th March 2009.

Auki Police Train Public Drivers on Traffic Rules

The Auki Police has conducted a one-day traffic consultation training session for Auki motorist and vehicle owners, the first of its kind to be held by the Malaita Provincial Police.

Police Responds to Illegal Border Crossings

Acting Police Commissioner Peter Marshall, in his weekly meeting with the media today, revealed that Shortlands would soon have a police post.

Dr. Sikua's Visit a Moral Booster

The recent visit of the Prime Minister, Dr. Sikua, to the ministry of Police, National Security and the Correctional Services had been described as an added moral booster to the workers.

Freedom of Information Workshop Ends

The three days workshop on Freedom of Information (FOI) has come to an end yesterday at the Mendana hotel.

Police Resolve Borderline Assault

A prompt response by Royal Solomon Islands Police patrols calmed down a brawl that occurred at the Borderline market at approximately 5.30pm on Tuesday.

Flood Damage Food Gardens in Wards 9, 19 and 20

The Makira-Ulawa Provincial Disaster Committee has reported that more than sixteen villages in Central Makira and six villages in Rawo on the weather coast have lost their food gardens to the floods last month.

Record Leatherback Hatchling Numbers in Tetepare

Leatherback turtles are hatching in record numbers on Tetepare Island, in the Western Province, as rangers work to save the critically endangered species from extinction.

Dead Baby Found

Police are urging the mother of an abandoned five-months-old foetus to seek medical care for her own wellbeing.

Landowner Questions Credibility of ASG Mining Group

A landowner has questioned the credibility and capability of the ASG Mining Group, as it re-opens the gold ridge mining project.

Men Arrested for Assaulting Police Officers

Police have arrested three men at midday yesterday, in relation to an overnight attack on two duty officers at the Borderline Police Post.

Gold Ridge Mining Accused of Abusing Workers Rights

General Secretary of the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers (SINUW), Tony Kagovai, in a recent press conference, stated that they have reasons to believe that the Gold Ridge Mining Limited has not respected basic rights of its workers.

Freedom of Information Vital: DPM Hon Fono

"Freedom of Information has been identified as an important indicator under the Good Governance Pillar," said Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Fred Fono while giving his official key note in the opening of the Solomon Islands Freedom of Information Workshop.

Malaita Independence a Personal Agenda: Oeta

Peace and reconciliation liaison officer and former Malaita Premier David Oeta describes the recent mini-survey carried out by the Malaita Maasina Forum as being "based on their personal agenda."

Maasina Forum Releases Findings

The Malaita Maasina Forum released its mini-survey findings on Saturday afternoon despite criticisms against its authencity and truthfulness by the deputy Prime Minister and MP for Central Kwara'ae Fred Fono.

Rice Imports Hits SBD$200 Million Annually

Minister for Agriculture Hon. Selwyn Riumana has revealed that with the increasing dependence on rice imports by many Solomon Islanders, the importation of rice has increased dramatically.

Rats Destroying Food Crops in Malaita

Latest reports from the Malaita Disaster Committee say there rats are destroying foods in ward 9, 10, 12 and 13.

Government Congratulates Guadalcanal Rice Farmers

The National Government congratulated rural rice farmers in the Guadalcanal Plains for a fine achievement in rice farming.

Malaita Province's Disaster-Affected Communities Need Temporary Shelter

The Malaita Province's Disaster Committee reports that those displaced by king tides at Kwai Ngongosila and Walande, Fanalei urgently need temporary shelter.

Planned Crackdown on Betel Nut Vendors

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the Honiara City Council (HCC) are working in a joint operation to stop betel nut vendors who, in recent times, have mushroomed throughout the streets of Honiara.

U.S. Provides Relief Assistance

The United States, working through the USAID Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance and the Solomon Islands Red Cross, will provide $50,000 U.S. dollars of assistance to people affected by the recent flooding disaster in the Solomon Islands.

Government Monitors Rice Price: PM

Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua said today the Government is closely monitoring the price of rice and expects to see rice prices fall in the coming months.

Dangerous Escapee Still on the Loose

Acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, in a press conference this morning, said that they have reasons to believe that Mr. Stanley Gitoa may have been involved in a robbery case in GPPOL. Stanley Gitoa escaped late last year as he was being escorted to Honiara, on his way to the courts.

Price of Cigarettes Rise

Smokers in Honiara are complaining about the increase in the price of cigarettes in town, which many say they only noticed early this month.

Transparency International Moved by Mr Fatai's Achievements

Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) has expressed its gratitude to colleagues, family, friends and admirers of the late Augustine Floyd Fatai for the support received in nominating the late Mr Fatai for the Transparency International Integrity Award.

Crime Rates Increase in Henderson Area

Crime rates in and around the Henderson area is on the increase, residents in the area say.

RAMSI Review Committee Completes Consultation with Western Province

The Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee has completed its inquiry with the people of Western Province on how they feel about the role of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI.

Health Workshop for Provincial Participants

A workshop is in place for participants from Malaita, Central Islands, Guadalcanal, Makira-Ulawa provinces.

Man Charged Over Golf Club Fraud Offence

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force's National Investigations Unit (NIU) officers have charged a man in relation to a fraud incident at the Honiara Golf Club Ranadi.

New PS for Constitutional Reform Unit

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has recently appointed a new Permanent Secretary (Special Duties) to head the Constitutional Reform Unit.

Value of Traditional Identity

People in Choiseul Province still value their "sako", a string bag made out of a tree called 'mondo' in their dialect.

Joint Operation Targets Illegal Betel Nut Stalls

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and Honiara City Council today removed two prominent betel nut stalls operating illegally in Central Honiara, as part of Operation High Visibility.

Census Workers to Use New Technical Device

Census workers this year will be using technical devices for the 2009 National Population Census.

Celebrations Different This Year, says Kiloe

Celebrations for Choiseul Province's 2nd Appointed Day will be different this year.

Government Reveals Plan for Tourism Industry

Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua says his administration is aiming at bringing in 30,000 foreign tourists and visitors into the country before his government folds in 2010.

Government Creates Ministry of Forestry as Stand-Alone

The Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government has been praised for creating the Ministry of Forestry as a stand-alone ministry.

Government Supports Training for Women

Financial support from the Ministry of Youth, Women and Children's Affairs enables a participant to attend a seven months training in Fiji.

Solomons Government Welcomes Action to Eliminate Malaria

The Solomon Islands government has welcomed an initiative to eliminate Malaria from the country.

Disaster Committee to Assess Malaita King Tides Effects

The Malaita Disaster Committee is preparing to send an Environmental Impact Assessment Team to the two islands Kwai and Ngongosila which have been affected by flash flooding caused by last week's king tides.

Relocation of Taro Not True: Kiloe

Rumour on relocation of Choiseul Province's provincial headquarter, Taro, is not true.

School Project a Gift

The success of the Nukiki Classroom Block Project through European Union's Micro Projects Phase II is "a gift for people of Nukiki."

Workshop to Benefit Local Farmers

A workshop to enhance skills and knowledge in the fields of production, processing and saving of vegetable seeds and floral biology of selected crops will benefit many local farmers of Solomon Islands.

Moves to Eliminate Malaria in Solomons

A global health professor, Sir Richard Feachem, is currently in the country to help eliminate malaria in Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands Thanks PNG for Flood Assistance

The Solomon Islands Government has thanked the Government of Papua New Guinea for its contribution towards the recent floods in Solomon Islands.

Education a Priority for Choiseul Province

Nukiki Primary School in South Choiseul witnessed a successful hand over of a new class room block project under the funding of the European Union's Micro Project Phase II.

Rise on Flood Death Toll

The National Disaster Management Office, N-D-M-O, has confirmed that 13 people have so far died following the recent flooding on Guadalcanal.

People Should be Patient: GP Disaster Office

Flood victims are called on to "be patient" as responsible authorities work on distributing relief supplies to them.

Support for Choiseul Women

Women of Supizae village in North West Choiseul Province will now be able to create their own small business with help from the European Union Micro Project Phase II.

Eviction Notice for Kukum Market

An eviction notice to the Kukum market has lapsed yesterday.

High Swells in Makira-Ulawa

A report from the Office of the Provincial Police Commander in KiraKira, Makira-Ulawa Province, today says unconfirmed reports claim that high swells have destroyed four houses on Ulawa Island.

Transparency Solomon Islands Commends Government

Transparency Solomon Islands, T-S-I, has commended the government for its commitment to create an Anti-Corruption Task Force.

People Unhappy about Relief Response

People in Northwest Guadalcanal who have been affected by recent flooding are not satisfied with how Guadalcanal province is conducting its relief response.

Work on National Population Census Will Create Jobs

More than 1600 jobs will be created in the country over the next nine months.

Governor General Visits Flood-Hit Selwyn College

The Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena and RAMSI Special Coordinator, Graeme Wilson, paid a joint post-flood visit to Selwyn College today.

Fishing Company Donates to Flood Victims

The Soltai Company handed over relief supplies to the Guadalcanal Province to help flood victims.

Prime Minister Launches 2009 National Population Census

Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua yesterday launched the 2009 National Population Census during a ceremony at the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) Center in Honiara.

SIG Signs MOU With the International Office for Migration

The Solomon Islands Government yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to enhance cooperation between the two parties on migration issues.

More to Do: H.E. Smart

The help rendered to support flood victims including missing people has been "superb".

New Zealand Gives Help to Guadalcanal Relief Office

New Zealand High Commissioner, Deborah Punckhurst, handed over 250-thousand dollars worth of assistance to the Guadalcanal Relief Centre for relief work relating to the recent flooding in the Northwest and Northeast of the island.

Seminar for Burns Creek Youths

A seminar for the unemployed youths of Burns Creek Community started today.

Grateful Hiker Shares Experience

A very grateful Dries Stevens says the feeling of being found is hard to describe.

Airlines Gives Notice to Air Vanuatu

Solomon Airlines has given notice to Air Vanuatu to end its long association with the weekly hire of the Boeing B737-800 NG series aircraft with effect from the last service on Tuesday 3rd March 2009.

Aircrew Winches Belgian Hiker Safely From the Jungle

Missing Belgian tourist Dries Stevens has been found alive in dense jungle at Ohe, south west of Mbetikama, some 13 days after he embarked on a seven-day cross-country trek.

Malaita Premier Faces Motion of No Confidence

A motion of no confidence in the Malaita premier Richard Na'amo Irosaea is said to have been submitted to the Speaker of the Malaita provincial assembly today.

Positive Outlook for Copra and Cocoa

The Commodities Export and Marketing Authority, CEMA, maintains a positive outlook for copra and cocoa this year despite recent decreases in the international prices.

British Support Speeds Help to Flood Victims

The Premier of Guadalcanal, Stephen Panga, says support from the British High Commission in Honiara helps them to "react faster" to help victims of the recent flooding disaster on the island.

Preparations in Place for Women's International Day

Organiser's to this year's Women's International Day that is barely a month away says it will be "more exciting".

Customers Question Public Transport Fares

Despite drop on fuel price, public transportation has done no alteration to an increase given on bus and taxi fares.

Missing Belgian Found

Dries Stevens, a Belgian who was among people missing during last week's bad weather, has been found.

Look and Learn to Get Behind Wheels

While some learn to wait patiently to learn to drive and not break the law, the majority learn from watching others.

Youth Seminar for Burns Creek

A youth seminar will be in place for young people of Burns Creek community.

Refugee Workshop in Honiara

Minister of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, Francis Billy Hilly, opened a Stakeholder Awareness Workshop on Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Honiara.

Killer Floods Linked to Log Ponds

Collapsed 'log ponds' built in-land by logging companies are strongly linked to the floods that killed ten people and caused so much damage on west Guadalcanal, and not by the heavy rain as first thought.

High Price for Half Its Size

The aftermath of recent floods in west and northwest Guadalcanal is slowly creeping into the capital city.

People to Take Health Preventive Measures

The health promotion office within the Ministry of Health has set preventive measures to the public on health.

South Pacific Oil Introduces New Lubricant Products

South Pacific Oil Company has officially launched their new lubricant products on Friday at the Mendana Hotel.

Private Company Sets Example

A private company in Honiara is among many who are supporting flood victims through donations.

New Zealand Supports Flood Victims

New Zealand government has extended helping hands to support flood victims.

Search Escalates for Belgian Hiker Missing During Floods

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, RAMSI Participating Police Force members and RAMSI military have joined forces to escalate the search for a 26-year-old Belgian man hiking in areas of Guadalcanal hit by recent floods.

Australia and Oxfam working for Land Rights of Tsunami Victims

The Australian High Commission has handed over a cheque for nearly SBD350,000 to Oxfam International, to implement the Community Land Rights Awareness Project in Gizo.

Rice Farms Not Affected

Recent heavy rains and flooding experienced throughout the country has done no damage to rice farming fields.

Vessel Aoke Arrives Safely

The Marine Vessel Aoke 04 with its 13 member crew arrived today at the RSIP Maritime Aola base from Cairns, Australia after its 4 days trip home.

Tourism Sector to Promote Culture

Solomon Islands Culture of Division will soon build a new National Art Gallery funded by the Solomon Islands Government through its Tourism sector.

Police Support Flood Victims

The Royal Solomon Islands Police will continue to support the National Disaster Council and the Guadalcanal Provincial representatives in helping flood victims.

Solomons Takes Over ACP Presidency

Solomon Islands has re-claimed the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group Presidency since it last held office in 1989.

RAMSI expresses condolences to Prime Minister and Premier

RAMSI Special Coordinator Graeme Wilson personally expressed his condolences to the Prime Minister and Premier of Guadalcanal as he made available a RAMSI helicopter for them to inspect areas affected by recent flooding.

PM Sikua Flies to Disaster Areas

Prime Minister Derek Sikua made a helicopter trip over Northwest Guadalcanal constituency and other areas which have been devastated by flooding during last week's torrential rains.

Police Arrest Man Behind Priest Attack

An East Malaitan man who allegedly assaulted an Anglican priest in Kwaiabu village last December faced Honiara Magistrates Court for fraud offences committed in 2006.

SPC In-Country Office an Important Leap: Haomae

"The establishment of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) in-country office is an important leap in the partnership between Solomon Islands and the SPC."

Belgium Man Among Missing Persons List

A man from Belgium is among nine people reported missing.

Perfect Pork Without Processing Equipment

Cooking the perfect pork roast is a must when it comes to a typical Solomon Islands feast but the process is minus expensive machinery for the locals.

SPC to Support Solomons Health Sector

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) commits to help the Solomon Islands Government address the challenges posed in the health sector.

Australia Provides Assistance for Solomon Islands Floods

Australian High Commissioner, Peter Hooton, has met with Prime Minister Sikua to convey Australia's concern for the welfare of Solomon Islanders affected by flooding in Guadalcanal Province and to offer Australian assistance.

Minister Declares Disaster Areas

The Minister of Home Affairs, James Tora, has declared 12 worst affected Wards on Guadalcanal Province a Disaster areas.

Philipino Among Flood Deaths

A Philipino man adds to the official death toll since the heavy rain last Thursday.

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