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Mr Tora said the government must settle down and work because people cannot just wait
in vain while their elected representatives "play politics."

Tora Named Police Minister

Parliament member for Ulawa-Ugi constituency James Tora has been sworn-in as Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional Services at Government House yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Rini was sworn in yesterday as the Minister for National Planning and Aid

Rini Sworn in as Minister

Prime Minister Danny Philip today says rumors that the Opposition group is planning to unseat him through a motion of no confidence are "nothing more than a figment ofimagination that merely reflects political adventurism."
It is understood that the Opposition side is looking at a possibility of a motion of no confidence based on their current numerical strength.

Rini Switches Camp

Just days after winning the majority to form government, the Philip led government has suffered a blow with Snyder Rini choosing to switch his allegiance to the Opposition group.
"His sudden passing away is a huge loss to your family, the constituency, Western Province, the National Government and the Nation as a whole," Prime Minister Philip said.

Coalition Government Mourns Death of Colleague

Prime Minister Honorable Danny Philip and members of his coalition group today expressed their deep sadness over the untimely passing away of the Member of Parliament for Shortland Islands, the late Steve Laore.

PM Philip Assures RAMSI of his Support

The country's new Prime Minister assures the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands of his support and continued presence in the country.

PM to Make Ministerial Appointments Soon

Newly elected Prime Minister Hon Danny Philip today said he will make Ministerial appointments in a few days.
The Prime Minister says that his first priority will be the actual formation of government, which will be based on merit.

Danny Philip is Prime Minister

Solomon Islands Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui, has declared Hon. Danny Philip, MP for Rendova Tetepare, as Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

Philip Speaks on Sogavare's Departure

Prime Minister candidate for Pacific Casino's camp says the departure of Manasseh Sogavare to Heritage Park hotel camp is "not a threat but rather a concern."
The Prime Ministerial election is still too close to call with both camps claiming to have the numerical advantage.

Nation Awaits

The Prime Ministerial election, scheduled to begin sometime after 9.30am this morning, is still too close to call with both camps claiming to have the numerical advantage.

We Need to Expand Our Economic Base: Hou

The coalition group camping at Heritage Park Hotel says the country's economy has "for so long relied heavily on the forestry sector and there is a great need to spread out to other sectors of the economy."

Why was Sikua Excluded? Tribal Groups Ask

People of Ghaobata, Malango, Bahomea and Vulolo have expressed disappointment in the candidacy of Fataleka MP-elect Steve Abana as a candidate for next week's Prime Minister elections.
Both sides have claimed to have the numbers to form government, although many political analysts say there will be intense lobbying by both sides until the eleventh hour.

Steve Abana or Danny Philip for PM

The government House has received two nominations for the Prime Minister's elections at the close of nominations on Friday afternoon.

Police Beef Up Security As PM Election Nears

Police says the public can expect some inconvenience around the National Parliament grounds during election of a new Prime Minister next week.
Mr Keniapisia has dismissed rumors that party leader Steve Abana is planning to cross over to the other camp.

Still No Names For PM

With less than eight hours remaining before the close of nomination for a new prime minister, the groups vying to form the next government have yet to name their candidates.

Hard Lobbying as Deadline Nears

The deadline for the Prime Ministers' nomination lapses tomorrow afternoon, yet there are no nominations from the various camps.
Mr Sogavare says the country is in danger of having a government that is nothing more than a collection of "groups of convenience."

Coalition of Convenience: Sogavare

Manasseh Sogavare, the former Opposition Leader and current Leader of OUR Party, says members of the ninth Parliament are repeating the weakness of past parliaments in the formation of a new government.

Lobbying Increases, Outcome Unpredictable

While Solomon Islands is only two days away from the close of nominations for the country's future Prime Minister, latest information trickling out from the main camps still has not offered the clearest of direction on a political coalition.
Inside the Parliamentary chambers where the election of prime minister will take place soon.

Governor General Announces Date for Meeting

Newly elected members will meet in parliament on Wednesday 25th August to elect a new prime minister.

NCW Calls for Transparent Process in PM Election

A leading women's organisation in the country has appealed to newly elected members of Parliament to show integrity and good judgment and act with responsibility and accountability in the process of electing a new prime minister and forming government.
The Governor General is expected to announce a meeting of Parliamentarians soon to elect the country's prime minister.

Government Formation Nears

Lobbying between the different political camps to elect a new prime minister continues with two major camps now emerging.

2010 National Elections Final Results

Here is the final list of results following the National Election held on 4th August 2010.

Camps Claim to Have Numbers

As lobbying continue to escalate, all the major camps now claim that they have the numbers needed to form the new government.
Kaitu'u says the party is yet to put forward a name for the prime minister's post,  saying members of other political parties are fast filling their camp.

Rini is Not Necessarily Our Candidate for PM: IDP

The Independent Democratic Party has dismissed media reports alleging Marovo MP Snyder Rini as its preferred candidate for prime minister.
Mr Sogavare confirms he is negotiating with winning members of other political parties to try to form the next government.

Sogavare Disappointed with OUR Party's Performance

Leader of the Ownership, Unity and Responsibility, OUR political party - East Choiseul MP elect, Manasseh Sogavare says he is disappointed that some senior members of his party were not re-elected to Parliament.

Forty Eight Results Confirmed

Forty eight results have been announced so far, meaning only two are still to be decided.
A group calling itself the Independent Democratic Party is camping at the Honiara Hotel.

Political "Camps" Kick Start Lobbying Process

With election results nearing its completion political factions within the country are now camping in an effort to garner and retain support.

Lusibaea Speaks on Win

The new Member of Parliament for the North Malaita constituency, Jimmy "Rasta" Lusibaea says his win in the elections is a slap in the face of people, including the 'outside world', who have continuously labeled him as an ex-militant.
Mr Abana is a member of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party who now have 11 members and now in the running to form the next government.

Abana Re-elected

Care-taker Planning Minister Steve Abana has been re-elected in the Fataleka Constituency on Malaita following the elections last Wednesday.
It is understood that lobbying for the country's top job has already begun over the weekend.

Dr Sikua Retains Seat

Former Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua of the C-NURA Government has won his seat with a huge majority over his closest rival Alfred Lovanitilia.
Sir Peter said he was saddened that an otherwise very peaceful and transparent polling day and had been interrupted at one counting station.

Lau Mbaelelea Count Will Continue: Sir Peter

The Electoral Commission has received advice from the Attorney General that the count for Lau Mbaelelea Constituency must proceed until completed.
Sir Allan served five terms in Parliament.

Veteran Politician Loses Seat

Another high profile candidate has failed to retain his seat.

2010 Election Update 6

The final result for Western Province introduces a new young Member of Parliament for West New Georgia, Silas Kerry Vaqara Tausinga.

Time For Change

As celebrations continue at the Riverside community following the announcement of new Small Malaita Member of Parliament, Rick Hou, the hype goes right across the ocean to Fiji.
New Member of Parliament for Small Malaita, Rick Hou.

High Profile New MP for Small Malaita

Another former Member of Parliament bows out in the 2010 national election.
West Honiara supporters who are yet to hear who will represent them in Parliament.

2010 Election Update 5

Solomon Islands have 12 new Members of Parliament and lost six big names as counting continue into day 3 of the 2010 national election results.
Mr Fono lost his seat to businessman Jackson Fiulaua in a closely contested election.

High Profile Candidates Lose Election

Former Deputy Prime Minister Fred Fono is the latest high profile candidate to lose his seat.

2010 Election Update 4

As results come in the Police have had to send in reinforcements to the Temotu provincial capital Lata after supporters of a certain candidate ransacked shops and properties.
Francis Billy Hilly CMG was the fourth Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands from 18 June 1993 to 7 November 1994.

Former PM Lose Seat

Longtime MP and a former Prime Minister Francis Billy Hilly has lost his seat to new comer Charles Sigoto.

Choiseul Welcomes Two New MPs

Choiseul province has confirmed its new members of parliament after a long counting day yesterday.

Election Officials Found

Election security officials for Ndei Island, Lau/MBaelelea Constituency, have been found after losing their way to the remote polling station in bad weather and strong currents.
The National Broadcaster has confirmed that Mr Sogavare won with a sizeable margin in his East Choiseul constituency.

Sogavare Retains Seat

Former Opposition Leader and the Leader of the OUR Party, Manasseh Sogavare, has retained his seat.
Job Dudley Tausinga has been declared winner by the Governor General Sir Frank Kabui for a record seventh term in Parliament.

2010 Election Update 3

Three former MPs from the previous House have retained their seat. Job Tausinga, Seth Gukuna and Varian Lonamei have won comfortably as results slowly come in.
More updates will be made as and when results come to hand.

2010 Election Update 2

Still no confirmed results apart from North New Georgia Constituency in the Western Province where Job Tausinga has won comfortably for his seventh term in Parliament. Below is a small update of progress so far.
More updates will be made as and when results come to hand.

2010 Election Update 1

Results are slowly trickling in with a few constituencies already starting the count. Below is a quick rundown on those constituencies being counted.
Last week, the Baruku broke down on its way to Ontong Java, leaving the Returning Officer, polling officials, police and election materials stranded in Honiara.

Elections for Ontong Java Deferred

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission has deferred the date for election in Ontong Java to Monday 9 August 2010.
Police officers patrolling the Honiara central market yesterday.

Police Maintain High Visibility

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, with strong support from the Participating Police Force and RAMSI Military, continues to conduct mobile patrols and maintain a highly visible presence in and around Honiara.

RAMSI Flies Ballot Papers to Malaita

RAMSI's Participating Police Force (PPF) has assisted the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission deliver ballot papers to Malaita Province in time for yesterday's poll.
Counting will start later this morning with several results expected this afternoon.

2010 Elections, Quiet and Peaceful

The 2010 National General Elections has been described by many poll managers as being quiet and peaceful.

Swift Action Corrects Ballot Paper Error

Election officials have taken swift action to correct a printing error in the ballot papers for the Temotu Nende Constituency.
The new improved voter ink will tell polling officials if someone had already voted.

Kwaso Fails Ink Test

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission says the new ink for marking voters' fingers cannot be removed with strong alcohol like Kwaso and any other cleaning detergents.
Sir Peter says the tendency for the political parties to die out straight after the elections is also normal.

Political Parties Increase Normal; Sir Peter

Increase in political parties during the Solomon Islands National Elections period is not an indication of political maturity or stability.

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