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NCRA Listens and Acts: Philip

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Danny Philip, has continued his assault on the Opposition, stating that his government is the first ever to stop appointing politicians to chair Boards of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE).
Hon. Sikua said that said the Prime Minister is the head of the executive arm of government, therefore it is important that he carries out his duties according to the laws.

Prime Minister's Actions Described as Childish

Solomon Islands Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua has described Prime Minister Danny Philip's personal attacks on him in the media as childish.
Alfred Sasako told the court that the report was provided to him by Hon. Lusibaea's wife.

High Court Hears "Intelligence Report" Claim

The hearing into the defamation claim against Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Danny Philip and his former press secretary Alfred Sasako was underway at the High Court yesterday.
Hon. Sikua says the latest directive from Prime Minister Phillip is another case of abuse of office.

Prime Minister Under Scrutiny Again

The Solomon Islands Leader of Opposition, Dr. Derek Sikua has issued another call for the Prime Minister to seize abusing his official position to interfere in the operations of state-owned enterprises.

TRC Concludes Exhumation of Four Bodies

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has completed its exhumation of four bodies killed during the ethnic tension.

Cabinet Approves Initiatives to Improve Mining Sector

Cabinet has approved two new initiatives, including a new mining tax framework, to ensure greater returns and transparency in the country's mining sector.
Hon. Ete says he has a copy of the letter provide to SIEA by the Prime Minister.

Hon. Philip's Leadership Questioned

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Danny Phillip has again come under criticism for allegedly directing the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) to reconnect power supplies to a privately owned company.

RAMSI Speaks on Transition

The acting Special Coordinator of RAMSI, Wayne Higgins, says that RAMSI is working with the National Government and the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to ensure that the country's provinces are properly consulted on RAMSI's transition.

Sikua Calls on PM to Resign

The Leader of Opposition, Dr Derek Sikua, calls on Prime Minister Danny Philip to resign for allegedly selling a government-owned house at Tandai to the Member of Parliament for West Honiara without the consent of cabinet.
Mr Sasako, who arrived back in Honiara yesterday, said that he was never told of the case being scheduled for hearing.

Defamation Claim Hearing Deferred, Sasako Absent

Hearing into the defamation claim against Prime Minister Danny Philip and his former press secretary Alfred Sasako did not proceed yesterday because Mr Sasako failed to turn up.

Reshuffle in Permanent Secretary Position

The Solomon Islands government had been quietly replacing a number of Permanent Secretaries and ushering in their replacements.
Julian Moti, during his arrest in Honiara.

Moti Extradition Referred to as "Abduction"

The Australian High Court has been told that the removal of former Solomon Islands attorney-general Julian Moti to Australia to face sex abuse charges was effectively an abduction.

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