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Motion against Premier Salani Deferred

The motion of no confidence set against the current Premier of Guadalcanal, Mr Joash Salani, has been deferred for Thursday.

Andrew Mua, New Honiara City Lord Mayor

Honiara City now has a newly elected Lord Mayor, he is Andrew Mua, councilor for Ngossi ward, West Honiara constituency.

Honiara City Mayor Election Postponed

With many anxious to see an end to the Honiara City Councils' (HCC) political problems, Honiara residents will have to wait, the election of the new Honiara City mayor has been postponed until next week.

Foreign Policy Should be Driven by Rational Dialogue: Wale

The new MP for Aoke/Langa Langa Mathew Wale has warned against allowing Solomon Islands foreign relations and policy to be driven neither by paranoia nor under a siege mentality based on mere allegations and conspiracy theories.

Protecting Solomons' Sovereignty and its People: Prime Minister Sikua

Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua said that the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government will never sacrifice Solomon Islands' sovereignty and its people.

Sogavare Blames the Bureaucratic Process

The leader of opposition, Manasseh Sogavare warns the government of the problem of bureaucratic processes as they endeavour to implement the projects outlined in the 2008 budget.

Malaita Premier Cautious about Group's Request

Malaita Province Premier, Richard N Irosaea, calls for caution and serious consideration on the call by Ma'asina Forum for greater political autonomy for Malaitans.

Solomons Parliament Pass 2008 Budget

Solomon Islands' Parliament passed the country's 2008 budget with minor typical amendments.

Ma'asina Forum Wants Independence for Malaita

Ma'asina forum has called on the premier of Malaita Province to consider Political Autonomy as a way forward for the Province.

Two New Legislators Sworn in

The two new Members of Parliament for East Malaita and Aoke/Langalanga have taken their oaths yesterday morning at the National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

Minister Calls on Aid Donors to be Flexible

Speaking on the floor of Parliament, Minister for Justice and Legal affairs, Hon Toswell Kaua took a swipe at the donors for their lack of flexibility when it comes to providing Aid money for development.

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