Politics Archive July 2018

IMF Stands Ready to Support Reform Efforts

The IMF has commended the governments efforts to curb corrupt practices in the Solomon Islands.

Yakasa Concludes Mission

Papua New Guinea’s High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands, Fred Yakasa, leaves the country on Friday as his term has expired.

Western Province Launches First Ever Women's Policy

The Western Provincial Government has affirmed its commitment to addressing gender and women’s issues with the launch of its first-ever women’s policy, an initiative supported by a UNDP and UNWomen Project.

Shortage of Medical Supplies Reaches Crisis Point

The Solomon Islands Government has been urged to declare a ‘State of Emergency’ at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Undersea Cable Project Endorsed

The leaders of Australia, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea have marked the start of a project to lay an undersea internet cable between the three countries amid criticism from China that Australia is trying to contain its influence in the region.