The final result for Western Province introduces a new young Member of Parliament for West New Georgia, Silas Kerry Vaqara Tausinga.

He is reported to be the son of high profile returning MP for North New Georgia, Job Duddley Tausinga.

The young Mr. Tausinga beat the former MP, Peter Boyers, who came in second runner up.

Adding to the new addition of Members of Parliament is the new MP for Shortlands, Steve Laore who beat the former MP Augustine Laoke to the seat in this year's election.

For the eastern part of the Solomons, the Central Makira officials have declared a winner who is another new comer beating the former MP Bernard Giro. The winner is a local cocoa farmer, Hypolite Taremae.

In Honiara, it has been announced that for the East Honiara seat, a new MP has been voted in - John Moffat Fugui, beating the former East Honiara MP, Nelson Ne'e.

For West Honiara, it has been announced that new MP for West Honiara constituency is Namson Tran. He replaces former MP for West Honiara, Isaac Inoke Tosika who is second runner up.

Constituencies still to release their official results are:
Guadalcanal - 6 constituencies
Temotu - 2 constituencies
Western - 2 constituencies
Central - 1 constituency
Malaita - 3 constituencies