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Why should Solomon Islands be part of a solution to a problem that's never been ours?" said Dr Sikua.

Government Offer Embarrassing: Sikua

The Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua has described Prime Minister Danny Philip's statement of being disappointed at Australia's exclusion of Solomon Islands from its discussion of a new pacific solution for processing asylum seekers as embarrassing.
Mr Philip said the choice of Stirling Islands is also linked to the country's own security situation.

Government Offers Stirling Island to Australia

Prime Minister Danny Philip has said that Solomon Islands offer to assist Australia with its asylum-seekers processing centre, was in response to reports that there were difficulties with the Australian Government's proposal to have it done in East Timor.
It is understood that the Solomon Islands approached Australia after Prime Minister Julia Gillard's push for an East Timor facility fell through.

A "Solomon Solution" Unlikely?

It has been revealed that the Solomon Islands government is seriously exploring the possibility of hosting an asylum-seeker processing centre.

Provincial Leaders to Observe Next Parliament Meeting

Leaders of the six provinces who participated in the recent Provincial Speakers and Clerks Attachment will observe the next National Parliament meeting that should resume mid this year.
Ambassador Andreae, Sir Frank Kabui, Acting Foreign Minister Snyder Rini and PS Foreign Affairs George Hiele.

Dutch Ambassador Presents Credentials

Netherlands newly appointed Ambassador to Solomon Islands has presented his Letter of Credence to the Governor General Sir Frank Kabui.

ROC Funds Solar for National Parliament

The Government of the Republic of China (ROC), Taiwan, has formally handed over funds totaling SB$1.85 million (US$234,000) towards the National Parliament Office Complex Solar project.

GP Premier Says No To Extension of Town Boundaries

Guadalcanal Province Premier Anthony Veke says his government will not accept any proposal to extend town boundaries of Honiara without the consent of its people.
The porn video is said to have been shot at the popular Bonegi beach, West of Honiara.

RAMSI Says It Could Investigate Porn Video

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI says it is prepared to make further inquiries into the pornographic film allegedly involving one of its soldiers and a local teenage female.
Prospecting was about to begin in Isabel as revealed by Axiom's CEO.

Mining License Remain Invalid

Solomon Islands Government official, Alfred Sasako, says the suspension of the prospecting license for Australian nickel mining company, Axiom still remains.

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