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PM Tells Public Service Commissioners Solomons Has Improved

The Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua has told a Pacific Public Service Commissioners Conference in Honiara that Solomon Islands has improved a lot since the ethnic tension period.
Dr Sikua said there are currently many reforms, reconstruction, strengthening and building of institutions taking place in the country, yet they fail to make it to the mainstream media.

PM Accuses Media of Selective Reporting

Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua, has said that the media appears to be selective in their reporting of national issues.

Parliamentary House Committee Looks Into PEC Awards

The Parliamentary House Committee has confirmed that it will commence its inquiry into the entitlement of 50,000 Terminal Grant, provided to parliamentarians spouses, passed recently by the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission, PEC.

Government Accepts Finance Minister's Explanation

Prime Minister, Derek Sikua, says the government Caucus is satisfied and has accepted the explanation given by Finance Minister, Snyder Rini.

Parliament Meeting Further Adjourned

The current meeting of Parliament has been further adjourned to November 12.
Choiseul Premier Jackson Kiloe said his people were happy to be consulted on the bill because it will affect everyone from the top to the bottom of our political system.

Choisuel Leaders Support Political Parties Integrity Bill

Leaders and people of Choiseul Province have openly expressed support towards the Political Party Integrity (PPI) Bill during a two-day consultation process in Taro over the weekend.

Maasina Forum Works on Malaita Political Party Constitution

The Malaita Maasina Forum has formed a committee to work on a Constitution of the Malaita Political Party.

No Balance Power for Independent Parliamentarians

Independent members of parliament will no longer hold the balance of power during the election of a prime minister, when the Political Party Integrity Bill comes into force.

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